Why I Don’t Fly with Kids: A Funny Travel Story

Our family at the wedding. My how we’ve changed!

This is the story that got me started writing five years ago:

I was thrilled to be heading to Vancouver, Canada, for a family wedding.  I like to travel anyway, but I’d never been to Canada, except for a drive across the border and back, so this was especially exciting.

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 a.m. so we got up early, but were not too rushed since we live so close to the airport.  Jason had made all the arrangements for our travel and every time I asked him for the details, he would say he didn’t know, that he left the details at work, so I never saw our itinerary.  He had purchased the tickets on Priceline.com with a destination to Seattle, Washington, and from there we were to rent a car and drive to Canada—that’s all I knew.

We got to the airport in plenty of time, but we had to first go leave our car in the extended parking lot.  Well, this took much longer than we had anticipated as we had to haul all of our luggage, stroller, Pack & Play crib, two car seats, and two sleepy children.  We finally got all settled on the shuttle, but of course ours was the last stop.  At 5:00 we were dropped off at the United Airlines gates entrances.

Well, here we go again trying to get luggage, stroller, Pack & Play crib, two car seats, and two sleepy children up to the check in.  First we were going to go up the escalator, but I took one look at that and said it was ridiculous.  There was no way we could make it.  So we hauled everything, stopping many times to pick things up that had fallen, to the elevator entrance, and of course the elevator was out of order.  So, ridiculous or not, the escalator was our only option.  After hauling everything all the way back, we decided I’d go first.  Once I was at the top, Jason started putting each item one by one on the escalator, and I’d haul it off when it got to the top.  Finally, we all made it up and went and got in the ticket line.

Jason left me with the kids and luggage while he went to try to get some information.  Meanwhile, they were saying, “Final call for passengers going to Denver.”  Well, I hadn’t seen the itinerary so I didn’t know we were supposed to be going to Denver.  When Jason got back, I said, “We’re not going to Denver are we?”  Sure enough, he went running up to the front.  They took the man ahead of us, took one look at us with all our luggage and kids, and told us it was too late.  We missed our flight.  Oh but not to worry, they said, we’d fly stand by on the next flight…

Click here to read Part 2.

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10 comments to Why I Don’t Fly with Kids: A Funny Travel Story

  • Oh my goodness, crazy! Traveling with kiddos and their accessories is always an adventure! I can’t wait to read part 2!

  • I look forward to seeing in part 2 how this relates to “how I began to enjoy writing” rather than “how I almost became stark raving mad at a large airport and other interesting travel stories.” Were there any scenes involving high pitched screaming, looks of desperation, a nervous twitch which developed on the trip but resurfaced for months after? ‘Ey, ‘ey? I’m sorry – I think in pictures …

  • What a clever idea for your husband to put the luggage on the escalator on the bottom, and you to pull it off at the top. I remember those days, when I traveled with small children, how bogged down we were with (necessary) junk. it was just so exhausting!

  • Hope

    I tought it was a clever idea to get you luggage up that way. Looking forward to part 2 :)

  • Few points:
    1. The escalator trick is worth remembering (just in case I need in near future);
    2. You are a great storyteller, and
    3. How am I suppose to bear waiting until tomorrow?? grrrrr I suffer from anxiety, honey, don’t be cruel with this poor mum of two LOL (I know, I know, I’m not good at blackmailing, am I?)
    4. I have no choice but come back tomorrow, have I? :-)

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  • Mike

    I haven’t stopped flying but I have only bought tickets on Priceline once! I learned my lesson 10 years ago on that one. I feel your pain on the packing up all the accessories.

  • Oh that’s crazy! I can just see the luggage going up one at a time on the escalator – good idea, though. I’d have kept going up and down with it!

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  • Heather Bertholf

    One of my favorite stories I have saved from many years ago. Love it!

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