Who’s the Boss?

Who's the Boss“When Daddy says, ‘no’ and Mommy says, ‘maybe’ then the answer is yes because, ‘maybe’ usually means yes and Mommy’s the boss,” said my daughter in the back seat about whether or not we were going to go out to eat.  My husband and I turned and looked at each other.

“See, we always do things your way,” my husband winked and laughed.  We have had a running joke about who picks the restaurant ever since the time he finally saw things from my perspective. 

“What planet is she on?”  I asked.  I think because my husband is quieter than I am sometimes people assume that I’m the one that makes the decisions and that is NOT the case, but my daughter lives here.  Surely she knows better than that.  I explained to the girls that Daddy is the boss, but that Mommy is the manager of the home.  I went into detail about how Daddy is a very gracious boss and that he lets me makes decisions around the house unless he thinks I’m doing something wrong and so on.  Finally, I stopped and asked my daughter, “Why do you think I’m the boss?”

“Because you’re older,” was her matter of fact answer.  I burst out laughing.

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  1. says

    Haha, if only you had thought to ask first. Too cute! Aren’t kids so full of wisdom and adorableness? I love your explanation to your kids btw. I never quite know how to explain how the “daddy is the boss but mommy isn’t incapable” thing works. Good job on your part!

  2. Mari says

    That’s funny.
    People think I’m the boss around here, too, because my husband is so passive and also leaves much of the decision making to me.
    However, people think I run over Dave and treat him like he’s a poor, whipped man because he’s so quiet. I can assure them all that this is not the case. But, they don’t listen to me (and when I say “they” I mean certain members of my family.).
    Oh well – what God thinks is the only one that matters.

  3. Melanie says

    Oh, Esther! That is so hilarious! Kids are very perceptive when it comes to certain things — like how to get their mommy’s goat!

  4. Melanie says

    P.S. I nominate this post for the “Funniest of the Year.” On the other hand — it’s January so maybe I better not jump the gun!

  5. says

    LOL — love that!
    I keep telling my kids that Mommy is the boss when they try to argue with me… Maybe I better put in a good word for my husband, too, so they don’t think I’m older than him! :)

  6. says

    Haha! I wish I was some sort of boss but my hubby totally takes that role–I think my son giggles when I reprimand him. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with HWC.

    Christy Joy

  7. says

    My kids would respond the same way. However, in our home my wife is definately the boss. After being at work all day managing a team and making decisions I just want to come home and be told (lovingly) what to do. :)

  8. says

    Oh, what a great story! (I can just imagine how it went down…)

    I grew up in a home where my Dad was quiet and my Mom was vocal. It was easy for those from outside our home to assume that my Mom was the boss. But it definitely was NOT the case!

    As a joke my Dad would even wear a pin that said, “I’m the boss – she said so.” Everyone got a chuckle, but I knew that my mom did stuff in every way that would please my Dad.

    It’s interesting the way our kids view us, and friends/family…

  9. says

    That is way too funny!
    I grew up hearing “I better ask the boss first wife,” and it annoyed me. So when hubby and I got married I ended up doing a little reverse psychology. hubby called me the boss and I told him that was right and he better never forget it, then in all teasing and fun, I ‘bossed” him around all night. He never called me the boss again lol
    In all honesty I’m not sure who the boss is. There is no passive person in our relationship. We are both quite intense. :)
    Thanks for linking up to Matrimonial Monday!

  10. says

    My husband jokes quite often about me being the “boss” in the home, and I get after him about that because I don’t believe either of us should be the “boss”. I do want him to lead the home in a Godly manner, but be the “boss”…that kind of grates with me. Jesus is the head over the church, but anyone who would willingly sacrifice His life in such a horrible and excrutiating way, definitely wasn’t acting as a “boss” over the church, He was acting like a true servant. If both the husband and wife would act as true servants with each other, it would become much harder for a child to be able to distinguish the “boss”. They would then see the true ideal of what God designed marriage to be.

  11. says

    I love a husband who is confident enough in his own skin and in his role as a husband/father to let his wife influence him. It reminds me of a clip from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the mother tells her daughter that her husband is the “head”, but that she is the “neck” that turns the head. :) Thanks for sharing this sweet exchange between you and your husband, Esther. It’s a refreshing snapshot of healthy married life! Thanks also for linking it up at Wedded Wed. Love seeing you there!

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