What to do on a spring day

Since we found the In-N-Out in Dallas last summer, we’ve been looking for opportunities to eat there again.  Imagine how excited we were to find out they opened one near us?  After the last time we took the kids to one in Fort Worth and had to fight for a table we decided to pick up our burgers and head to a park for a picnic.

Now some of you will probably laugh at me.  My smart phone is still very new.  I had wanted one for eons.  The prices finally came down enough that my husband got me one for Valentine’s Day!  Still, I am home most of the time and haven’t had all that much opportunity to use the fun apps on it.

So I had the bright idea to speak “park” into my GPS navigation and just see where it took us.  It was an adventure!  This is how we ended  up at this beautiful park that we didn’t know existed.

There was a great place to sit down and eat, and the park was really nice and completely empty!  It was so much fun.  We all agreed that we would have to let the navigation system take us on another adventure very soon!

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  1. says

    Hello, Esther, I love when I see bloggers from the DFW metroplex.I haven’t been on your blog in awhile. But was reading this on and though it was super sweet. Can’t wait to take the boys to the park with takeout( and they actually sit and eat kinda hard when you are 1 & 2) . Anyway your original In-and-Out buger place is 10 min from my house!!!

  2. says

    I’m a midwest transplant to California, and I share your enthusiasm for In N’ Out Burger! When our kids visit from Wisconsin, it’s the 1st place they want to go for a meal.

  3. Madge @ The View From Right Here says

    Love burgers and fries from ‘good’ drive-ins … you’ll LOVE your smart phone, I don’t know how I ever got along without one! 😉

  4. says

    I don’t think there are any parks in my neck of the woods I don’t know about – but this one looks amazing and, as you say, empty – perfect for the kids to run wild after a meal…

  5. says

    That is an awesome idea! Maybe I should get a GPS after all!

    Hubby and I will often visit 2 or 3 parks at a time on Sundays… we’ll get cabin fever and decide to take a walk at one park, after we walk around a bit we will leave and go to another. At this point I think we have found them all but who knows….

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