We are Expecting a Baby!

I held the little plastic pregnancy test in two hands and watched for the positive sign to appear.  I didn’t have to wait long.  There it was.  Positive.  Just like I thought.  Emotions clashed inside of me. I felt happiness that another life was growing inside me, but immediately the memory of the loss of my last baby came rushing to my mind with all the accompanying emotions.   Would I be able to see and hold this child someday or would I lose this one too?   As both kinds of thoughts swirled around in my mind I felt somewhat numb.  I found my husband and showed him the pregnancy test.  He just hugged me.

We decided not to tell people this time until after we saw our doctor, mostly because we think the kids should be the first to know, but also because we didn’t want them to suffer the way they did last time should I have another miscarriage.  So I waited for five more weeks until I could see my doctor.

Thursday was my appointment, and Jason met me at the doctor’s office.  I was very nervous to see the ultra sound.  Our youngest two were with us, but we didn’t tell them ahead of time.  Jason decided to go ahead and take them in because he wanted to be there.

I lay down on the cold table and watched the screen as the camera searched for a baby.  Then there it was—a little blob of a baby bouncing around!  I could see the little heart beating before the technician even pointed it out to me.  When she let me hear the heart beat, tears streamed down my face.  This baby is alive!

That is when Jason brought it to the kids’ attention. “See, kids, there is a baby in Mommy’s belly.  There is the baby’s heart beat.”

Grace looked with big, round eyes and simply said, “I knew that, because I prayed.  It’s a boy!”

On the way home she repeated that she had prayed for another baby and added, “Because you were sad and cried, I prayed.”  So sweet!

The doctor said that the baby measures exactly like it should and that everything looks perfect.  I know, of course, that there are no guarantees and lots could still go wrong.  I would appreciate your prayers for a safe and healthy baby and pregnancy!

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  • Ah, that’s wonderful! Congratulations to you all… Will be praying for you and the baby’s perfect development… All in the will of God, all in His will…

  • Mari

    Wow!!! Congratulations, Esther.

  • Awww, I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations and I will be praying!

  • Congratulations! God’s blessings upon your family as you await your newest bundle of JOY!

  • Congratulations, Esther. Wishing only the best for you and your family. :)

  • Janice

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  • Oh my word. I literally got tears in my eyes. I feel for you, having been through two miscarriages. Since them, I have had my dear son and am 17 weeks along with another one and all is well. I pray that this will be a safe, uneventful (in a good sense) and a joyous pregnancy!

  • I’m so happy for you, Esther! I think what your daughter said is so sweet. I’m so glad you saw a healthy little baby in there. We will pray.

  • Congratulations!! I will be praying with you for peace… and strength!!

  • So happy for you, Esther! I’ll be praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery. Congrats to you all.

  • Carly A. K.

    Congratulations! I’ll be praying for you and for your baby. I know this child will be even more precious to your entire family because of the loss that preceded him or her. (I guess “him”, according to Grace!) You’ll probably always have a little fear in the back of your mind until that baby is safely in your arms–it’s our human nature! Just enjoy each day God gives you and rejoice in His goodness at every stage of your pregnancy. You probably thought you’d never so thankful to God for morning sickness! Already looking forward to meeting Irish #5 in the nursery next year!

  • Melissa

    Congratulations to you all, so happy for you! Will praying with the rest for a healthy, safe pregnancy and delivery when it is time. Love to you all!

  • Oh congratulations!! What a blessing. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and baby. God is good.
    Be blessed.

  • Huge congratulations! What fabulous news. May you have a smooth sailing, totally normal and stressfree pregnancy :-)

  • Allison

    Wow! Sooo excited for you! Praising the Lord with you! Thank you for sharing Esther! Woohoo!

  • Wonderful news, I am so delighted for you and your family.

  • Amazing news Esther! I will be praying for you and your family.

  • Congrats to you and the family.

  • I’ve been reading your posts in the emails but haven’t popped over to comment because it’s been such a busy end of the school year. But after reading this email, I had to link to your site to wish congrats to you and your family! What a reason to rejoice! Blessings!

  • Congratulations!!! I hope you aren’t feeling too yucky! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help ease the first weeks!

  • CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh Esther, what wonderful news!!! I am overjoyed for you and will be praying for a safe and healthy nine months for you!

  • Melanie

    Congratulations, Esther and Jason. I’m very happy for both of you!

  • How awesome! Congratulations! I nearly cried when I read what your daughter said. So sweet. Praying for you!

  • Frieda

    I hope Grace isn’t disappointed if it’s a girl, but we will be happy with whoever the Lord sends. To the kids it will seem like it takes a long time. Do you remember my telling you what your six-year-old sister said before you were born?

  • Tina

    Congratulations Esther, so happy for you and praying that you have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Jill

    Congrats! I can relate to your emotions…I too miscarried a baby in between our 2nd and 3rd. I was 12 weeks along and it was the day after Christmas. I gave birth to our 3rd a year later to the very date. I find that being in the school of God’s sovereignty can often times be so bitter sweet. God bless you and your family, we will be praying for you :)

  • RO

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! and Gods Blessings. I will keep you in my prayers! :)



  • So super excited for you and your family! Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy! Yay!

  • Oh, Esther, congratulations! I’ll be praying for healthy pregnancy. I’m rejoicing with you and your family!

  • C

  • Congratulations Esther! Such happy news…praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  • Oh my goodness!! Congratulations!! And so sweet that Grace was praying for you!

  • What a blessing! Congrats!

  • How wonderful, Esther! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! I nearly had a heart attack when I read the title of this one. I’m so happy for you! I will be praying for God’s perfect will in your life and the life of your family! :)

  • Sydney

    Oh my goodness, CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting! Praying for you and the baby!

  • Yay! So happy for you! This post brought tears to my eyes. Your Grace is just the sweetest thing! I hope with all my heart everything goes well this time. I’ll be praying too… when I can remember! =)

  • Congrats, Esther! Having experienced 2 miscarriages myself, I know the swirl of emotions that come, but God is good and knows the perfect fit for an addition to your family. God Bless!

  • How wonderful!! Congrats to your new blessing :)

  • Karen

    Congratulations!!! Miscarriage is hard, and I am sorry for your loss last time. Congratulations that all looks well this time!

  • Liz

    Congratulations. I literally started crying when I read this. I just suffered a miscarriage last week (our 3rd) and I had been reading your story of loss in search of some encouragement (which I found) and what joy it was to come across this post at the end. So, so happy for you :)

  • bonny

    congratulations to you and your family! your Grace is such a sweetheart… i will pray for you, believing that God honored the earnest prayers of a caring little girl! :) may all go well for you and baby!

  • Sarah

    So happy for you all. You are in my prayers. I love your blog btw! It’s almost as if I am sitting in your livingroom like the good old days. HUGS!

  • Congratulations!!!!! I’m praying for you…

  • Cherise Foley

    Congrats, so excited for you and your family. I can definitely understand how you feel. After losing my baby, we ended up pregnant not long after, the first few months were still torture. I was excited but also had to keep myself from seeing the worst outcome…. its a hard mental battle for sure. you dont want to forget your other baby but want to also celebrate this new life. it will get easier as you pass each milestone and just be upfront with your doctor. I have been really sick with this one, (which i was with son but not really with miscarriage baby Selah) so thats when i started to know it was different. plus my spirit feels different. i remember at around 3 months appt doctor was trying to find heartbeat with little meter thing and she couldnt find. I was freaking inside but she knew i was nervous cuz of past and said she would go get ultrasound to ease my mind (good doc thank goodness for that) and when she got it going, she was like oh thats why your baby heartbeat is hard to find is because YOUR BABY IS JUMPING IN THERE! I was elated seeing that 3 month baby jumping around, so throwing up everyday was worth it cuz that confirmed with this ultrasound that things were fine! just keep your mind on positive things, and you will find yourself making it thru each appt with a little more relief… congrats again and that the bible says you can bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

  • Oh! Rejoicing with you and praying for you too… so happy for your family!

  • Congratulations!!! I had an early miscarriage and was also worried when I got pregnant the next time. I’ll say an extra prayer for your little one. I’m so glad he/she is healthy!!!

  • Congratulations! What wonderful news! Your little Grace is so sweet, what a precious daughter to pray for her momma & another baby :)

  • Yay! How exciting for you guys! What a great thing for your kids to see the ultrasound…maybe your daughter will turn out to be a little prophet! :)

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