Upward Basketball

Joy UpwardOur eight-year-old Joy has started Upward Basketball.  She begged her dad to let her play basketball for the last year.  After watching her dad play on the church league and watching her sister get to go to a basketball camp that was the sport she wanted to play.  Upward Basketball came highly recommended from several friends who have had children in the program.  Upward is a Christian sports league for kids.  It is reasonably priced.  The season lasts about two months total with one practice and one game each week.  I never wanted to be the family who spent all of the time running to one kid’s games or another, but I do think some activity is needful, especially for a high energy child like Joy.

Joy BBallShe looks forward to both the practices and the games.  In just a few short weeks she has already learned a lot.  I’m so glad that she is able to have this opportunity and I hope her sisters get to play a sport as well.  Just from the little I’ve seen her play she reminds me of her daddy on the basketball court.  He is highly competitive.  Let’s just say you don’t know my husband until you’ve seen how he plays sports.  That the real deal!  :)



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