Trouble with Biblical Costumes

Fail!  I fail as a mom.  I am not crafty.  I do not sew.  And I cannot even safety pin!  My children had their spring program at the one day a week school they attend for homeschoolers.  I was supposed to provide them with Biblical costumes.  Me?  Seriously?  There is no where to buy costumes this time of year!

At the last minute I emailed the administrator who graciously said she would find something for my children.  They sent me  home with three “costumes” and told me to just wrap the thing around their head and pin it.  I panicked!  I asked how to do it several times and finally left hoping I’d be able to do something.

I worked furiously trying to get the head things to stay in place.  I finally got my two older girls head pieces on and was pretty proud of myself that they looked good!  My youngest daughter Grace’s head would not cooperate with me however.  Finally, I told her I’d try again when we got there and that maybe someone could help me.

I tried for several minutes after we arrived, but could not get the thing pinned.  I grabbed someone standing around and begged her to please see if she could get the thing to stay on my poor daughter’s head.  She had some trouble as well but finally knotted the thing at the bottom and pinned it.  It looked pretty!

The kids disappeared to go eat pizza before the performance and the rest of us found seats and ate the provided buffet before the program began.  Imagine my surprise when they all came out and filed on the risers…

There is my poor little girl front and center with…a turban on her head.  The thing must have gotten turned around.  Her director went up to help her.  She turned the head piece around and then it looked like this:

I hoped that they would sing a song or two and then leave the stage so we could fix it or yank it off–for crying out loud!  But there stood my sweet little girl like a statue for a full forty minutes with that thing on her head like that!  She did a great job, but me?  Fail.  Yes in my horror I did laugh hysterically.  What else?

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  1. says

    If it is any consolation I cannot work a costume to save my soul. Especially one of those turbans, yeah I am always amazed that anyone can wrap them that way and have them stay. But they look adorable and as long as they had fun who cares. She was probably laughing at the silliness of it as well.

  2. says

    Don’t beat yourself up Esther, they won’t be needing any costumes in heaven. I am sure they had fun, and you have not failed as a mom, we all have our short comings lol!
    Just so you know, they all look like blessings to me…

  3. Frieda says

    Well, I could sew a costume from scratch if I had a pattern, but those head things are something else. Do you remember the choir program you were in and I don’t remember whose headpiece I was supposed to pin and tried to get another mother to help me and she just looked disgusted? But the main thing I remember about that is that I messed up the introduction to your special solo so you weren’t sure where to come in. And after we had it down perfect in practice! That is one of those things I’ll always regret, though I’m thankful I have very forgiving children.

    Grace looks absolutely precious!

  4. Mari says

    Esther? That would’ve been me, too. I am not crafty AT ALL.
    And, I’m ok with that. We both have other strengths. We can’t be superwoman at everything, right? :-)

  5. says

    I too am not a artsy mom. But it’s okay!!! I still try and manage to be the “cool” arts and crafts mommy. I have a arts and crafts bag that I will use with the kids this summer. I think all the children in the photo look nice. And kudos to you for at least trying.

  6. Jill says

    LOL This made my day! I can totally relate. People (especially in homeschool circles) always look at me funny when I say I can’t (and have no desire to learn how to) sew or do arts and crafts. Not my thing!!! And always struggle when it comes to costume time. I do find, however, that once you get a hold of one of those “bible character” costumes (that someone else graciously made of course), you can make it into a million different other costumes. :)

  7. says

    Hi, sorry it took me a while to reciprocate your kind gesture (by leaving a comment on my blog via UBP2012).

    About your post – this is my dilemma as well. Whenever my daughter would have a stage play at school, I freak out because I do not know how to sew and not crafty at all! On the other hand, I also do not want to shell money to buy costumes!

  8. says

    My kids are involved in a homeschool drama group. For their last play, my son told me the night before that he needed black, dress pants for his costume. He ended up playing an 1800’s character while wearing blue jeans. Sometimes it’s just out of your control!

  9. says

    Oh, how funny! Your poor daughter. That would have driven me crazy. I think next time you should just take sheets, wrap them in them and tie it with rope. I could have never came up with anything on this theme either – hats or otherwise!

  10. says

    This is funny! What’s even funnier is the reason I clicked your link from the WLW linkup … when I read “Trouble with biblical costumes” I thought, that sounds interesting, what can she possibly mean? Probably some theologically-sound musings on what they wore back in Bible times?

    I really needed this laugh. Your blog is great; I’ll be back! :)

  11. says

    Hairbands work wonders for those head things! Put the fabric on the head inside out, with most of it hanging down over the kiddo’s face, and then put on a hairband (just like you would if she were just wearing it in her hair). Then flip the part that’s hanging down over her face back over the hairband and her head. No fuss, no slipping. (And it only took me 9 years to figure that out. 😉 It was actually probably one of my kids who figured it out! lol)

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