Super Hero School Program

Super Hero Musical

I have been so blessed to be able to send the kids to a one day a week school for homeschooled kids.  They get to do lots of things like PE, art, and music in a school setting while learning from home most of the time.  It also gives me a day to run errands and grocery shop without all of my little helpers!  I really appreciate that they get to be a part of a school program.  Last week they put on a Super Hero musical.  It was so cute.

 I was especially proud of my eleven year old who is very quiet (when she  is not at home).  She really wanted a part in the play and was thrilled to come home and tell me she tried out for a solo and was given the part!  She learned the part on her own in her room with the CD player.  I get mommy warm fuzzies all over just watching this.


 As I was trying to get a little video of the other girls this little boy caught my eye.  He was so cute!  I just loved watching him.  It’s always hard for the kindergarteners to stand up there for the entire program.  Every year there is one little cutie that steals the show.  It seems like just the other day it was my Joy picking the Santa fuzz off of her neighbor’s dress during the program!  She is now very dignified in the spot light which is great…and a little sad!  :)

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