Speekee TV–Easy Spanish for Young Children

In October I was contacted by a fellow blogger who asked if I minded if she nominated me for The Funniest Homeschool Blog Award at the Homeschool Post.  I was thrilled!  The voting came and went.  One day I checked the site to see the winners’ list.  I scrolled down to The Funniest Blog Award and there before my eyes was the name of my very own blog.  I was shocked!  That’s when I realized there were PRIZES!  Well the last week and a half I have been receiving those prizes.  It has been so fun!  A huge thank you for voting us The Funniest Homeschool Blog this year and gifting us these wonderful prizes!  We plan to keep sharing our laughter with you!

One of the first things we received was two free months of totally free access to Speekee TV – Spanish for young children.  As a native speaker and former Spanish teacher, I was so excited for this.  I have been trying to work Spanish lessons into my homeschooling all year and for one reason or another I have not been consistent.

The kids and I both have really enjoyed watching the Speekee TV lessons this last week.  It is all in  Spanish and is spoken in context.  My four kids look forward to it and practice saying many of the words throughout the episodes.  What I have found especially exciting is that they are going around the house during the day practicing the words they’ve learned!  I love it!  It is a really easy way to teach children Spanish.  Right now when I’m so busy with a newborn it has been wonderful for me not to have the added preparation to teach them myself.  This is perfect for homeschool parents who are not native speakers so that the children can pick up a fluent accent!  If you’re looking for an easy way to teach your kids Spanish you should definitely check this out!

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    Congratulations! That must have been fun, to see your name there so suddenly. And it’s great that your kids are learning another language; it’s always useful.

    My kids start out speaking English, then add on the language they speak in school. By the time they hit their teens they’ve mastered the language of the country we live in as well, for a total of 3 languages. It can get a little confusing at times!

    I have friends who were raised in Europe before World War II and they tell me that in those days it was common for people to speak as many as 4-5 languages. But I think 3 is enough for us!:)

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    I’ve never heard of this before. It sounds good. I found some Spanish cartoons on video at Goodwill once, and my kids were speaking Spanish after watching them. The immersion method really works.

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    Congratulations! I feel so important for nominating you. 😉 Please keep posting about your prizes. Speekee TV Spanish sounds great! I will check that out.

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    Congratulations! Making people laugh is wonderful, and we know how important it is to keep a sense of humor, especially about the really important things like educating our kids. Speekee TV sounds great and I will check it out. If you need ideas for songs, games and other ways to add Spanish to your kids days, check out Spanish Playground. There are lots of resources there.

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