Setting Sail on the Carnival Sensation

After we boarded the ship and thoroughly perused the two open restaurants, we found our rooms.  Each had four bunk beds.  I was amazed at how efficient the lay out was.  I was prepared for the rooms to be small, but I thought they were very nice!  We waited for our luggage and then took a tour of the ship…about half way through.  As I was saying I wished we knew where and what everything was, I looked on our itinerary and behold there was a scheduled tour already in progress.  We caught up with them and enjoyed touring all the restaurants, clubs, spa, and weight rooms.  I was glad we did because that was the only time on our cruise we saw some of those places.

There was a mandatory safety meeting where everyone on the ship reported to their specified spot.  It was explained to us where the life jackets and life boats were.  It was the place to go to in an emergency, but all I could think of is that we were packed in there like sardines and was dying to get away and get some air.  I am a little claustrophobic, but it was the only time on the ship I felt that way.

Then it was time to set sail.  I was so excited about this!  I guess from watching The Love Boat?  I’m not sure, but we all stood at the rail on the upper deck and waved as we set sail.  It felt just like the movies…except for my over tired four year old that wouldn’t cooperate.  :)

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