Road trip to Nebraska

Setting out on a tripAnd this is how we travel.  Yes Bobby is there, can’t you see his big foot?  :)  We set out at 6:30 am, not bad time for our family.  My husband, I just never can tell how he’s going to travel.  Sometimes he likes to stop and see the scenery and then there are times like today.  Today we were in race mode.

We zipped past Moore, Oklahoma.  I didn’t expect to see the damage from the recent tornado from the highway or I would have had camera ready.  It was just a small patch visible in the flash as we drove by, but wow.  I watched the footage on TV, but it’s just…awesome in such an awful way to see it in person.  The naked tree trunks and buildings converted to sticks, incredible!

Godfather's PizzaWell, we drove and drove and drove and finally stopped for lunch at 11:30!  Wichita saved us by having a Godfather’s Pizza right off the road.  Why does Texas not have more of these restaurants?  We really miss them.  We love their pizza, but I could go and eat an entire Streusel dessert pizza by myself…but I won’t.  After lunch we filled up with gas and then continued down the road.  And we didn’t stop until…

train NebraskaThe train crossing blocked our way.  The kids were pretty excited about that.  When we lived in East Texas there was a train track practically in our backyard, but I guess they don’t remember that.  We don’t see trains too often in the city.  Jason actually took a nap while the train went by.  We didn’t stop again until we arrived in Nebraska at 5:00.  Ten and a half hours with a family of seven, and only one stop–I’d say that has to be some kind of record!  It was great to get here early!

Games at GrandpasThe kids had a blast today playing games with Grandpa and Grandma and their cousins.  I loved meeting my newest niece and nephew.

Golf for free

Jason even got around of FREE golf with his dad and brothers!  How do ya like that?  :)

It’s always a challenge getting the kids to bed in a new place and all in one room.  The first day is the toughest though.  Maybe tomorrow night I’ll get some sleep!  It’s great to be back in Nebraska with family.  We’re so thankful for the safe and very speedy trip!  😉



  1. says

    Sounds like a fun filled trip so far. :) I hope you continue to have fun. It’s probably a good thing that you weren’t able to see the damage from the tornado.

  2. Deb says

    Does your hubby have a pilot’s license?
    Because it sounds like he was “flying” down the highway!!
    Glad to hear that you made it to your destination safely = )

  3. says

    Whenever we go on road trips, my bladder won’t last more than an hour, so we stop every hour. I’ve got lots of funny stories about road travel. I like to make fun of it.

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