Random Funny Kids Quotes

Funny Kids Quotes“Mom!” my daughter practically yelled at me.  “The cabinets are falling!”  I looked at her like she was crazy.  The kitchen cabinets looked just the same as always.  “Yes, Mom, I used to not be able to reach the glasses and look now I can!”

On our recent trip we stayed at a hotel in Omaha for a couple of days.  It’s always a bit crazy managing this many people in a small space with just the right amount of luggage.  I had gone to the bathroom leaving Jason in the room with the kids.  When I came out I gasped.  Strewn all over the room were, ahem, all my feminine products.  “Jason, where have you been?” I accused indicating the items all over the floor.  I spied my one-year-old with the bag that once contained my items, grabbed it and tried to pick everything up as fast as I could.  It didn’t escape the attention of my four-year-old Little Jason, however, who exclaimed, “What is that?”  I ignored him and continued picking things up but heard him exclaim, “What in the world!”

As we were watching a Tim Hawkins video my one year old walked up to the screen, pointed at him, and said, “Mama!” three times!  Not quite sure how to take that!  :)

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