Pregnant or Fat?

When I was pregnant my girls would always say, “Mom, you’re not fat you’re just pregnant.”  I probably talked about being huge more than I thought I did.  I really felt enormous.

I was sitting on the couch with Faith (age 10) holding Bobby (one week old) when, (I don’t know what possessed me.) I asked Faith if she thinks I’m fat now.  “Yeah…just a little fat,” she responded meekly.

I burst out laughing.  “Jason,” I yelled upstairs to him, “Faith thinks I’m a little fat.  Is that what you think?”

“No,” he called back.

“Yes he does.  He just doesn’t say it!”  Faith set matters straight!  I’m inclined to agree with my daughter.  If you want the truth just ask a child!  Since it’s too soon to begin a new workout.  I think I’ll enjoy another treat!  😉



  1. bonny says

    the “left-over” is just nursing fuel… give it 3 months, you wont even be able to tell! :) concentrate on getting moments of rest, and know that any extra calories, they go straight to your boobs! (lol!!)

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