My Mischievous Newborn


Mischief began early for this little boy.  Bobby was exactly one day old.  I was trying to get him situated to feed him.  With my right hand I held his head and with my left hand I reached up to touch his little mouth hoping for signs that he was hungry.  In a flash he reached up, grabbed my IV, and yanked!

“Ouch!”  Sorry my husband says this is gross, but I had to share it anyway.  What are the odds of this happening?

I pushed my nurse’s button.  I knew it was time for the antibiotics they had been giving me every six hours so I needed to let them know.  “Hello!  May I speak to my nurse please.  My baby just pulled out my IV.”

Pause.  “Whaaaaat?”

I repeated myself slowly, “My baby pulled out my IV.”

“Uh okay.  I’ll send your nurse right in.”

My nurse came running into the room, took one look, and her hand flew to her mouth, “Sure enough!  How did this happen?”  I explained and she laughed.  This must be a rarity because she called several of her co-workers who also had to come and inspect.  Each one in turn gasping and covering their mouth with their hand.

I actually enjoyed the fun of it all, until someone came to insert a new IV.  I think that is one of the worst parts of the whole hospital experience and thanks to my little mischievous boy, I had to endure it twice!

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  1. says

    My oldest son’s birth was a bit unusual. He was born at a teaching hospital (where his dad happened to be doing his residency). I felt absolutely like a science experiment!!! No rest at all. When our second son was born at the tiny town hospital where my husband worked, his birth also complicated, one of the maternity ward nurses happened to be a member of our church. She pretty much established herself as my personal body guard. NO ONE got in my room without going through her. I LOVE THAT LADY!!!! I got sleep…. lots of sleep. Bliss!

    So glad Bobby arrived safely!!! Enjoy. We’ll all wait patiently for pictures and entertaining stories.

  2. Wynette says

    OMG I thought I had my hands full when Dre’ was 3 days old and rolled off over and off the bed into my arms! Wow! that is so crazy!!!

  3. bonny says

    love it! what a great story to be able to tell him when he is older! :) sorry you had to get a re-insert though… ouch! and tell your hubby to relax… if he thinks the picture of the loose IV is gross, remind him that childbirth is way grosser than that.. (is grosser a word?)

  4. Joy says

    What a strong little one you have! Congrats on your new little blessing! My mom was my nurse when I had my 2 middle children. Not only did she take care of her grandchildren during her shift, I got all the rest I wanted. :) Hope you have caught up on some rest since you have been home!

  5. says

    Oh wow, that is funny! And ouch…major ouch!! By the way, congrats on the new baby! I have a newborn as well…our little lady was born November 18th. =)

  6. Miss Kitty says

    That is too funny! Those little newborn hands just love to grab. I work in an intensive care newborn nursery…they even grab their own IVs and pull them out. Getting a new IV in a vein the size of a thread is not easy. I’m glad your son was nice and healthy (and it sounds like strong too).I saw your post over at Weekend Bloggy Reading party.

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