Mommy and Me American Girl Style

Headed out Just Mommy and MeThis sweet girl was ecstatic to go on her first overnight Mommy and Me day.  She had been looking forward to her turn ever since I took her  older sister Faith several years ago.  My plan is to take each girl on an overnight trip every two years beginning at age eight.  It is for special one-0n-one time, but also a time to intentionally talk about growing up without all of the siblings around.  Jason came home from work at noon.  Joy had pretty much been pacing the floor all morning.  If Jason hadn’t come home early I might have lost my mind!

3D MovieWe had lunch at a nearby dollar theater and caught a 3D movie.  I’m still in love with 3D.  I may be the one to invest in a living room 3D TV someday.  Our 500 pound TV with rabbit ears will have to die first though!  :)

Galleria DallasThen I drove to the Dallas Galleria where the much anticipated American Girl Store is located.

American Girl Store DallasI wasn’t sure where to park so it had been quite a long walk by the time we arrived at the entrance of The American Girl Store.  This has been exactly how she wanted to spend her Mommy & Me day ever since we visited the store last summer.

Looking for my first American Girl dollJoy spent around 30 to 45 minutes looking around and deciding on her doll.  First we looked at the dolls that you buy to look like you, but she soon decided that she would rather buy one of the historical characters.  We looked at every one.  She narrowed it down to three of them Kit, Caroline, and Julie.  We went around and compared each looking especially at the outfits and hair.  I wondered how long it was going to take and then all of a sudden she said, “I want Caroline!” and she was ready to go!

CarolineJoy spent her entire life savings, and then I contributed the rest.  Caroline was carefully taken out of the box so Joy could carry her around.  The excitement is unmistakable!

Photo with SaigePhoto with Saige

Celebrate GirlsPosing on the way up to the second floor.

American Girl Hair SalonSince Joy’s doll was brand new she wasn’t yet in need of the salon, but it was fun to watch.  Joy was given a paper telling her how to care for her new dolls hair.

American Girl BistroAnd then it was time to eat.  Dining with your doll.  What a dream!  They brought Caroline a little cup of pink lemonade.  I thought they would be bringing her food, even play food, but they didn’t.  Joy and I both thought we remembered that from the time we had visited the store before, but Joy wasn’t too disappointed.  She was having too much fun.

Fruit Fondue with banana muffins appetizerThe meal was $15 each and included an appetizer and entree.  Joy chose the Fresh Fruit with Yogurt Dipping Sauce and banana muffins.  I had the Warm Artichoke Spinach Dip.

Strawberry Spinach Salad American Girl DiningFor her entree Joy chose a cheese pizza, and I the Strawberry Spinach Salad.  It was fantastic!  In fact Joy was ready to go long before I was.  The food was so good I HAD to finish every bite!  I had fun comparing my two daughters–whereas Faith is all about the food, my Joy is more interested in what she’s going to DO!  After much prodding to hurry, I finished my meal and we drove to our hotel

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    I love American Girl! I’m sad though that they discontinued some of the dolls I remember from my own childhood. Kirsten was probably my favorite.

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    Your trip looks like so much fun. I loved my American Girl books when I was younger. That salad looks delicious! :) Kudos to you and your family for having these wonderful traditions!

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    What an amazing trip. I can’t wait to do this kind of stuff with Reagan. She is only two and we have a ton of fun doing things now but I can’t wait for her to get a bit older!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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    What a wonderful time you must have had, and such precious memories you are making. She will never forget that special time with you, and you won’t either. I have boys and so I am not really familiar with the American Girl dolls (though I’ve heard of them) but I know I would have LOVED a store and doll like that when I was little!

    Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday!”

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