Love the Little Things

My husband and I have been playing a game on the Wii a few nights a week after we put the kids to bed and while I’m feeding the baby. When I put Bobby to bed one evening Jason hung around messing with the settings.

The kids had finished their school work early the next day so I sat down to play the same Wii game with them. When the screen came up, the wallpaper was all hearts. “Look Mom, did Dad do that for you?”

“Yes! How sweet!” I exclaimed. “I’m sure it was for you girls too!” I smiled from ear to ear. Little, sweet tokens like that just make my day. Isn’t that what romance is all about?

When Jason got home the girls proudly announced that they had finished all their work early and even played a game of Wii with mom. “Did you see I changed the settings?” he asked me.

“Yes, and I noticed you changed the wallpaper into hearts for me didn’t you?” I gave him my best smile.


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