July fourth

Fun on the 4rthWe spent July 4th at a church picnic.  It was a gorgeous summer day!  The kids always have so much fun with the other families’ kids.  They just look forward to every gathering.  That’s not hail in the photo, but lots of fun in the ice of a dumped ice chest.

“Honey this year I would really, really, really like to take the kids to go see the fireworks,” I mentioned to my husband several times.  It had been five years since we have gone and the kids didn’t even remember ever having seen fireworks.  It seems we always have little ones and the fireworks start so late that it is just so much easier to put them to bed.

waiting for the fireworks

When Jason told us we were going, Little Jason was so excited saying, “It’s going to be my first time to see fireworks!”  We parked and walked a long ways, but Jason timed it really well as we only waited on the grass for about ten minutes before the show started.

FireworksAnd of course they played my old favorite “God bless the USA” song during the show.  Loved it!

watching fireworksSo fun to be in the crowd for the cheering as well.  God Bless the USA!  I hope everyone had a great holiday!  I for one am wiped out.  My house is sleeping…except for the hamster, and I need to join them.  You think Benadryl would work on a hamster?  Ha!


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