How to Make Heart Shaped Pancakes

On February 6th we made heart-shaped pancakes for supper!  I have tried heart-shaped pancakes many times.  The recipes usually say to pour the batter into a heart shape.  Really?  Well if that works for you that’s wonderful, but I have trouble drawing stick figures, so with a hot griddle and runny dripping liquid, hearts just don’t happen for me!  One year I made pancakes and then cut the heart shapes out of them, but then of course someone had to eat all the left over pieces!

This year I used a large cookie cutter, and I thought they turned out really pretty!  I simply greased the cookie cutter and placed it on the griddle.  With a little melted butter in the middle, I poured the batter into the cookie cutter.  After the batter was set I removed the cookie cutter and flipped the pan cake.  I also enjoyed adding a little pink food coloring.  The kids were surprised when they cut into the pancakes!

On the 7th I took the kids to a dollar store and gave them each a $3 shopping spree!  They had never done this before!  Originally I thought I would have them get Valentine things, but when I got there I decided to just let them get anything they wanted.  It was lots of fun!

For our 8th activity the kids put together their Valentines for their friends.  I loved watching them all work together around the table.  The next day they had their Valentine Party at “school.”  I figured that counted for their “Valentine thing of the day,” so I got off a little easy on that one!  :)

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  1. says

    I have a terrible time making pancakes of any shape and you are there pulling off perfect heart shaped ones! I am a little jealous. You guys are having so much fun! You rock!

  2. says

    I’ve been told to use a plastic bottle (like a plastic ketchup bottle you find in restaurants–generic red) to squirt out the shapes you want. I think I’ll try that sometime…I know you can find shapes to do pancakes but they’re probably expensive.

  3. Kim says

    There is a relatively new thing out called a pancake pen. You can mix the batter in the plastic tube, then make all kinds of cool shapes, designs, letters, etc. If there is any extra, there’s a lid to place on top and it’ll keep in the fridge for awhile. I used to do a lot with the cookie cutters and pancake molds. I got a pancake pen for Christmas and we have fun pancakes once a week now. Not trying to sell one, but if you like fun shapes you might want to look into it (they are around $8).

  4. Frieda says

    If it is a pen, you have to draw something, right? I’m like Esther–trouble with stick figures. I might come up with some kind of heart, but it would probably be lopsided and maybe not look like a heart after all.

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