How do I love thee?

How do I love theeI have made it an annual practice to sit down and write out a list of things I love about my husband.  I think February is the perfect time of year!  This list is not exhaustive or in any particular order!

1.  He lets me share stories about him!  And I do always share with, not only his permission, but his blessing as well!

2. He laughs with me–a lot!

3.  He thinks and plans how he is going to protect his family.

4.  He values family time and makes it a priority.

5. He leads the family spiritually and longs to teach our children the Bible.

6. He compliments me every day.

7.  He spends time reading and memorizing God’s Word.

8.  I can be my goofy, silly self around him and he enjoys me and laughs with me.

9.  He is my best friend.

10.  I can talk to him about anything and know that he will not betray my confidence.

11.  I have never known him to speak ill of me to others.

12.  He is ambitious.

13.  He loves Mexican food!

14.  In some ways I know him so well that I know what he is going to do before he does it, but in other ways he keeps me guessing.

15.  He does the lawn work.  I’ve never mowed a lawn in my life.  I wouldn’t know how to start a mower!

16.  He’s cuuuuute!  Just looking at him is fun.  Kinda helps in an argument!  Ha ha!

17.  He will admit when he is wrong and seek forgiveness.

18.  He is patient.  Oh how I wish I could be patient with the kids like he is!

19.  Not only does he spend time playing with the kids, but he ENJOYS them!

20.  He had the vision to homeschool our kids.  I never would have made myself do it.  :)  But I see so much value in this decision.

21. He watches movies with me on the weekends after we put the kids to bed.  Love that time on the couch with him!

22. He is a great driver and doesn’t mind driving me around!  He even thanks me for yelling out, “There’s the curb!”  :)

23.  He loves and appreciates my family.

24.  He’s letting me leave him and the kids for a week and go to Peru!  I’ve never left my family before–so excited!

25.  He carries a cell phone.  Now.  If I can only get him to answer it…

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  1. Mari says

    Wow! I get in BIG trouble if I say “Watch out for that curb” or “car” or “person” because apparently I should do it in a calm, hushed tone. Sorry – if I’m about to die, I tend to get excited.

    Now – the lawnmower thing – we’ve discussed this before. I think it’s great that he does the yard work. But, if you ever come to Iowa (or I go to Texas), you’re learning how to mow a lawn (or cut the grass…whatever you say down there). Even if you only do it once :-)

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