Homeschool day

I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what our typical homeschool day looks like.  We used to get up much earlier, but since my youngest was born we’ve pushed our mornings back some.  I get the kids up and eating breakfast around 8:00 and start school before 9:00.  And yes, we mostly do school in our pjs!  It’s fun!

Homeschooling multiple ages

I try to get my little guys playing together, but not distracting the girls which is a huge juggling act let me tell ya.  It works better some days than others.

PhonicsGrace is in Kindergarten so it only takes between a half hour to an hour to finish her seat work in the morning, but I have to be there the entire time helping her while keeping the boys happy of course!

Teaching TextbooksFaith usually begins her day on the computer getting her math work out of the way as that is what takes the longest.  But she switches off with Joy.  So one of the girls is on the computer all morning.

Hand WritingMeanwhile Joy works in the dining room or kitchen table until the computer is free for her to finish her math.

Once Grace is finished with her kindergarten work then she plays with Little Jason.  They have the best time together.  She also helps with Bobby if I need her to entertain him for several minutes at a time.

If Joy works hard she can be done with her seat work in about two hours.  So when she is finished, she also can run and play or help with the baby for a little while before lunch.

Faith’s work load takes all morning.  We break for lunch and then have a two hour nap/quiet time.  During this time the older two girls do all of their school reading and memory work.  When quiet time is over, I listen to their memory work and check their reading.  On a good day everyone will be completely done by 4:00!

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    My oldest almost done with Kindergarten, so we haven’t had to do an all day school session yet. However, I do like your system. Looks like it works really well for you guys. :)

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