Happy 9th Birthday Joy!

Birthday balloonJoy’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we didn’t do some of the things we would normally do at home on a birthday.  We spent the morning and afternoon at church.  I ended up with a migraine that just never went completely away so I just wasn’t up to my normal enthusiasm.

Birthday pizza

But Daddy bought her a balloon and we took her to Cici’s Pizza, her choice.  With a buffet of desserts I thought it would be over kill to have a cake afterward so we didn’t get one.  Joy enjoyed her pizza and desserts and was ready to go home to open her presents.

Opening presentsThe kids had wrapped up a little gift for her in what seemed like hundreds of papers.  Joy had so much fun opening it.  Just when we thought sure she had come to the end there was more wrapping.  When she finally got to the prize it was a penny!  Watching Joy open it was the most fun I had all day.  After this she opened her gift from us and a couple other ones and her day was over.  She had asked if we could watch a movie as a family, but when went to rent it all the appropriate movies were already checked out.  Joy had such a great attitude about the whole day and didn’t let things bother her or spoil her fun.  I was so proud of her for that bit of maturity.

The next day I took the kids rented the movie she had wanted and watched it with her.  “This is for your birthday,” I told her.

Birthday SopaThen the next day I made her favorite meal–Sopa, of course.

Birthday PieAnd I let her pick out a dessert at the grocery store.  We sang happy birthday and ate Reeses Pie.  She felt like her birthday lasted for three days and really appreciated it!

Recently she told me that she wants to be just like me when she grows up, except she wants to lift weights like Daddy!  That is a huge improvement from when she answered that question at her preschool graduation.  When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she responded, “A daddy!”  What fun my little Joy brings into our lives.  She is like a fire, always burning strong.  Whatever she does, she does it with her whole being.  She is quick and strong and funny and smart.  A force to be reckoned with she is!  My prayer is that she would desire to use her gifts and abilities  to bring honor and glory to God.


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