Grand Country’s Amazing Pets

Grand Country EntranceDay seven of our Branson vacation began with a morning show at Grand Country.  Most of the attractions we went to in Branson I chose because they came recommended.  I figured when I asked enough people, and they began saying the same things over and over I had a must see attraction.  This is the one exception.

Grand Country Music Hall No one told us about the Amazing Pets show at Grand Country, but as I researched Branson attractions online it caught my attention.  I just thought it sounded like a show my kiddos would love.

Amazing PetsWe absolutely loved the show!  It would be my number one recommendation for families with small children.  First of all, the time is perfect for kids.  At ten in the morning babies and kids are alert and happy, as I’m guessing are the animals.  And what child does not love seeing animals do amazing tricks?  The animals just pull on your heart strings.  They are so stinkin’ cute!  The comedian/magician, my husband even commented, was especially funny.  This is definitely the show that our 1 and 4 year-old-boys enjoyed the most, but the rest of us all loved it too.

Grand Country's Amazing PetsOne thing I found irritating at many of the Branson attractions was that photos were not allowed.  As a blogger that is very frustrating.  Now I understand with animal and magic shows it is reasonable not to allow photos.  No worries though, I thought, I could get a photo with the entertainers after the show, and I was right…for a price!  Six dollars wouldn’t have been outrageous to get a photo with the entertainer and one of the cute little animals, but we were completely out of cash and that was the only accepted form of payment.  Grr.  So yes we did go, we did love the animals, but sorry no photos.  :(

Grand Country FudgeThey did, however, accept credit cards at the fudge shop at Grand Country.

Amazing Pets BransonWe enjoyed our treat during the intermission.  And, yes, we do recommend the fudge.  We had sampled fudge in other places recently and our family voted the fudge at Grand Country #1!

I searched everywhere for discounted tickets to this show.  I searched before we went and then all over town.  The best I could find was the family pass.  I went ahead and purchased the tickets a couple of days before.  And they wouldn’t you know on our ticket stubs from Shepherd of the Hills was a $10 off coupon for Amazing Pets or any of the Grand Country shows!  Ahh!  I hate it when I don’t find the best deal.  But I wanted to let you know so you don’t make the same mistake.  When printing your tickets at Shepherd of the Hills they will try to sell and offer discounted tickets to Grand Country attractions.  I wish I had known!



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