God’s Gift

Sunday was crazy.  My five-year-old daughter Grace was singing in both services with the children’s choir so we had to be there at 8:15.  I understand the need to be there early, but boy is it tough to get this family ready and out by that time.  It was rush, rush, rush.  One child yelling that her dress was too small, another one couldn’t get shoes on, fighting breaking out every few minutes.  We left the house in a tizz and arrived only a little late.

After church we went out to eat with good friends and their three kids.  Now I’ve told you often that we are a rowdy bunch, and I do encourage my kids to have fun, but I don’t allow them to be disruptive and inconsiderate of others.  There is a difference!  We were at a crowded restaurant and ended up being seated at three different tables.  It was a recipe for disaster.  My kids behaved badly the entire time making it impossible to enjoy the fellowship of good friends.  It was so frustrating.

We only had a couple of hours at home and then it was time to get ready once again for the evening service.  I received no cooperation from the kids.  As soon as I took care of one issue two other problems arose.  I was running like a crazy woman from one to another to another.

That evening ended in a “I can’t do this anymore” rant.  I felt like a horrible wife and mom with a house full of horrible children…you get the idea!  I didn’t know how I would be able to get up and homeschool Monday morning.

Then you know what?  The baby slept all night!  I woke up rested the next day.  The kids busied themselves with their school work when I told them to and finished it early.  They were pleasant, obedient, helpful, sweet, and loving.  What a precious gift from God to a weary mom.



  1. says

    That is a precious gift! I think having to start so early in the day and then repeating it in the evening was difficult on the children and you. But Monday sure sounded like a blessing.

  2. Mari says

    Everybody has days like that. It’s no help when all of your kids have them on the same day :-) Glad Monday ended up being peaceful!

  3. says

    I have been having many days like that lately. I feel like the thing I say ALL the time is do you need ti go to your room or do you want a spanking. I hate it. Ugh.

  4. Jill says

    Glad you were able to get a restful night’s sleep and a peaceful Monday:)
    Church twice on Sundays can be very hard on young families.
    Also suggest that you try having your friends back to your home for lunch (regardless of whether the mess from your departure was cleaned up or not). Most folks would agree that it is far more relaxing than trying to do lunch out on Sunday in restaurant with small children who’ve been in church all morning. Make your salsa and put out your unironed table cloth, get carry out, let the kids shed their tights and shoes, your friends would love it!

  5. says

    Been there! We used to drive the church van to pick up people for church. One day, we literally got to be home for 45 minutes one afternoon. We made sandwiches, grabbed a blanket and had a quick picnic with a 20-minute nap under a tree by a pond. It was a beautiful day, and in those few moments we had a lovely time! God is so good to give us these respites when we need them the most! :)

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