Funny things kids say at school

Rebeca is a life long friend of mine.  She lives in Mexico and teaches at an English speaking elementary school.  She is sharing some of the funny things her students say with us today.


“Miss mi mamá se llama Laura, y ella está más flaca que tu.” =O / “Miss, my mom’s name is Laura, and she is thinner than you.”


Letter to Santa: ” Dear Santa, please bring Miss Becky a husband.” (By the way, Santa doesn’t exist…he didn’t send him.)


“Miss!! El otro día agarré una manzana y tenía un gusano!!!” me dijo una niña con la emoción aquella

“Daisy, speak in English,” dije para ver que hacía ella.

“A CATERPILLAR MISS!!!” dijo en asombro “A caterpillar in my apple!!”


“Miss, I don’t understand.”

“Read the instructions,” I said

“Briefly answer each question.”

“What is it that you don’t understand?” I asked.

“I don’t know who briefly is.”


“Ain’t ain’t a word.”



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    These are great. Love a good laugh and kids do supply a long list. My little one is always full of funny things he says. Wish now I would write them down more. I remember study the bible with him one day and we were studying the 3 Hebrew boys that we thrown into the firey furnace. He called them “Shadrach, Meshach and Out The Door We Go” – I still remember laughing so hard. I can’t read that story without thinking of the funny names.

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    Funny! It was also great reading this because I’m working on my Spanish fluency and every chance I get to read it or write it is exciting. Happy New Year, Esther. Looking for alot more laughs with you in 2012.

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