Funny Kids Quotes about Bathrooms

Funny Kids quotes bathroomsWe had just gotten home from a trip.  One of the girls came down stairs and said, “Mom, I like all those other bathrooms better.”

“What bathrooms?” I asked her.  I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about this time.

“Like the ones at In & Out,” she replied.

“Why do you like those better?”

“Because they’re cleaner,” she said matter of factly.  I burst out laughing!

I was retelling the incident to my mother and mentioned that I had posted the conversation on Facebook.  “Oh you shouldn’t post stuff like that on Facebook Esther, people will think you don’t clean your bathrooms, and I’ve never seen your bathrooms dirty.”

“That’s because we clean them before you come,” responded my daughter.

We have no secrets it seems!  I am not the best housekeeper in the world.  It’s true.  I haven’t been since I gave birth to my third child and began homeschooling.  While I do think there is value in keeping a clean home…there are so many other things that are more important right now.  So for now I’ll do what I can, teach my kids to help as much as I can, and try very hard not to worry about the rest.  :)



  1. says

    LOL — kids always tell the truth! We clean ours before my mom comes up too, and run the vac, sweep the kitchen, and scramble to pick up some of the clutter.
    Like you said, there is more important work to be done right now!

  2. says

    Too funny! Got to love how kids will tell it like it is :) Like my daughter knowing I do not like a gas station we walk by, but only because of the intersection and it can be a bit dangerous for the cars to go in and out. Well walking right by the gas station attendant my youngest turns and looks at me and with her louder voice says “Mom, why don’t you like this gas station?”

  3. says

    Pretty funny. I love finding blogs like this because I think kids are truly our greatest joy. And we need to laugh, or life is going to get old very fast. Thanks

  4. says

    LOL, Thanks for the laugh…was so funny! And I bet it was even funnier in person, I can imagine. :-) I really like your blog…I’ve kept meaning to stop by here and post comments, but have been so very busy.

    I say don’t sweat the small stuff like that! Paying attention to the kiddos is much more important than a spick and span clean house! lol Thanks for the post. =)

  5. Wendy says

    I can relate with both you and your daughter. I too will often “judge” an establishment by the cleanliness of it’s restrooms. If it is particularly gross I may not go back, esp. if it is a food-service business. :( As far as bathrooms at home, I try to keep the main one fairly clean, but my own b’room is often not that tidy. Especially the shower! I hate cleaning them, usually leave it to my husband when I get where I can’t stand it. We too are “guilty” of the last minute tidy-ups when company shows up.

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