Funny Kids Quotes #24

While we were dining out one day I let the three girls go to the bathroom together.  I was beginning to worry when they finally appeared back at the table with bright smiley faces.  “Let’s do that again!” proclaimed my five year old Grace.  I didn’t ask.

We went around giving our high and low of the day.  Grace went last.  “My high is Daddy and my low is Mommy.”

Macaroni and Cheese is not something I serve very often.  I think my three year old didn’t remember having any because as he was finishing his second helping he said, “That is the yummiest food I ever seen!”

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    Don’t you wish you were a fly on the wall in the bathroom so you would know what was worth doing it again?? So cute! Stopping by to say Hi from MBC Christian Mom bloggers.

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