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Laughing through marriage

My father-in-law had called wanting Bobby’s social security number.  He didn’t believe me when I told him what it was.  He thought for sure that I was joking.  My son’s number does in fact begin with 007.  I suppose we might as well start calling him Bond!

Jason then took the phone from me so that he could talk to his dad.  He walked into the bedroom to get away from the noise.  Five kiddos in the room does make it hard to hear.  “What?  I can’t hear you!”  I heard my husband yelling into the phone.  “I don’t understand what you’re saying.  I hate Esther’s dumb phone,” he yelled again.  “Hang on.”  Walking back into the room he looked quite mad.  “Esther, is this phone on speaker or what.  I can’t understand a thing he’s saying.”

“You’re joking right?”  I asked when he got close to me.  My husband is quite the prankster only people don’t usually suspect him so he can really fool people.

“No.  Why can’t I hear?” he was so fed up.

The phone was upside down!

And that was my laugh for the day!

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  1. says

    Lol :) I can relate tho I call my smart phone a stupid phone all the time .
    Like now as I struggle to type this, I read your post at a time of stupid phoneitis haha

  2. Tammy T. says

    Thank you for that one for sure. Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  3. Bella says

    Hilarious share! The same thing happened to me in the past. I kept moving all over the house, trying to catch a good signal; only to be told by my brother that I had it upside down. =)

    Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club link up.

  4. says

    LOL Esther!

    Those darn phones are outsmarting us daily, IMHO!

    I think it’s time to create a new product line called The Dumb Phone – woo hoo!

    So thrilled to be visiting you via @HappyWivesClub – MUAH!


  5. says

    Hahaha!!!! So glad I found this post through HWC! Great laugh! What a great post, so funny and the added bonus of the kids making noise. I totally remember those years. Very funny!

  6. says

    LOL, Esther! That is too funny! My husband is also a pretty funny guy but no one would ever believe that about him. Whenever he does something goofy and I tell him I’m going to tell anyone about it his response is always the same, “They’ll never believe you,” and then he resumes his silliness :). I’m grateful I get to see this side of him no one else knows. It’s alot of fun.

  7. says

    God must really laugh non-stop at the silly human antics he witnesses day after day, moment after moment. Thanks for sharing this funny moment with us, Esther. I love how your family and your blog gets the laughter flowing for the rest of us bloggers! Thanks for linking up with me today too. :)

  8. says

    It’s a frightening thing when our technology outsmarts us, but it’s happening more and more. One day, our smartphones will take over the world!!!!!

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