Fine Motor Skill Activity Kits from Fundanoodle

I was so happy to receive these kits for my three and five year olds as one of the prizes for winning the Funniest Homeschool Blog Award!  My five-year-old Grace has been struggling with her handwriting more than I thought she would.  These kits were exactly what I needed.  Little Jason is loving getting to do some “school” too!

We received Muscle Movers Kits for the upper and lower case letters and I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace from Fundanoodle.

It is infinitely more fun to practice letters on dry erase cards!  They thought it was so cool that a little eraser just the perfect size comes on the lid of the marker.  I think they are practicing their letters as much by erasing as writing!  On the flip side of the cards are animals and phrases that can be used as a game and to get kids moving!

School at home has never been this fun for these two.  They think they are just playing!  Imagine!

Kit Includes:
– Lacing/tracing cards
– Pipe cleaners
– Shoe laces
– Yarn
– Wooden beads
– Triangular crayon
– Die-cut shape cards for creating unique art
– Tissue paper

I have a hard time getting Little Jason to quit beading.  He arranges and rearranges those blocks and beads!  Grace wants to do each activity, and I’ve had to pace her as some of the items are consumable.  I want to make it last!

Thanks again for voting us the Funniest Homeschool Blog and gifting us these wonderful prizes!

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  1. bonny says

    The schooling stuff looks awesome… but i just have one question… WHEN did Jason suddenly turn into a little MAN??? when i started reading your blog, he still had that fresh-faced baby-around-the-edges look! now he’s like full-fledged little preschool BOY! :( (still adorable, it just feels like that happened so fast!)

  2. says

    We are so thrilled that you and your children are enjoying the products!! We are attending several of the Great Home School conventions this year to sell the product and love that it is working well for you!

    We agree with Aima “Playing is the best way to learn!”

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