Family fun at Cabela’s

Cabellas with the kidsOnce again after Joy’s basketball game Jason decided to take us shopping.  Had I known in advance I would have brought clothes for Joy to change into.  Poor thing it was really cold that day!  We didn’t actually buy anything mind you but Cabela’s is a fun place to just look around.

CabellasJason got to look at some things he is interested in and the kids had fun looking at all the stuffed animals.  It’s like a petrified zoo!  :)  We were hoping to let the kids participate in their kid’s activities, but as it turned out it was NRA weekend and the activities of the day were all about guns.  That was fine with Jason, he enjoyed looking at the guns!  The do have an online calendar, if you are more organized than we are, where you can find out what activities will be going on in advance.

Fun at CabellasThe aquarium is probably my favorite part.  I didn’t even take any photos, my little point and shoot camera does not do well in the darker areas.  On the way back out to the car I asked the kids what their favorite thing about Cabela’s was.  It was unanimous: sampling the fudge!  And the fudge was delicious!

On a side note, it was SO much easier for me to be a sane parent at my daughter’s basketball game this time.  I was much more prepared.  The girls are just learning, and I was impressed by how much they have learned since their first game.  A great time was had by all!

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