Embarrassing things I say

Embarrassing things I sayUsually I tell you about things chronologically, but with my trip to Peru I’ve gone more topical and have skipped around here and there.  Maybe that’s just how my brain is functioning right now I’m not sure.  :)  Oh the embarrassing things I say…

On one of the flights home I was sitting by Carly from Living the Scream who, I have told you, was the other blogger on the trip.  We had so much fun together talking about all kinds of things, but at this time we were discussing the business of blogging.  We were in a row of three.  A man was on the inside by the window.  He was quiet and did not make eye contact as he sat down.  It was obvious he did not want conversation on the flight.  We were fine with that and hardly noticed him as we ironed out all the kinks of the blogging business.

Suddenly, he bolted straight up in his chair and turned to face us.  “I couldn’t help but over hear you talking…” he started out and went on to tell us that he is a business owner including a resort and several vacation homes and that he’d like to hire us to do some writing for him.  Now, I’m usually skeptical about this sort of thing so I just hung back and listened.  Finally, he ended his cause with, “But I need great writers.  Are you great writers?”

Well what do you say to that?  Am I a great writer?  No, I would not put myself in the category of any great writer, not by a long shot, but saying that didn’t seem quite appropriate.  I have had some people say they thought I was a good writer but, “Uh…” was all I managed to say.

I don’t remember what my friend said, but she must not have come up with anything more eloquent than I did because the man changed his question to, “Well, then tell me how you learned to write.”

Ooo, ooo, I had an answer for that!  “My mom taught college English so she taught me how to write, but I never liked it!”  Wha, what?  Okay so that was the truth, but did I really have to say it?  The man kind of raised one eyebrow.

“Let me give you my contact information and websites and you guys can email me your proposals,” he said finally.

As I was trying to type in his info, I kept getting everything wrong and had to retype it into my phone.  I’m not much of a texter and don’t use the key pad all that often.  A little embarrassed at having to retype misspelled words, I blurted out, “I worked as a church secretary for a while.  The pastor told me I’d be okay if I could spell!”  Just shoot me!  Yes, another true story, but honestly this was not the time to confess!

Would you hire me?  I don’t have the nerve to contact him!  I don’t really think I’d have the time for what he was looking for anyway, but still…



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