Embarrassing Kids Quotes

Funny Kids Quotes“Cracker” was one of the first words of all of my children.  When moving to solids, crackers are one of the few things you can give a baby that they can eat by themselves with no worry of choking, and I think all of my babies have subsisted on crackers for months of their lives.  For me the problem with this being one of their first words came because I’m bilingual with Spanish being my first language.  The first four of my kids all repeatedly asked for “caca” at the table.  Not cool!  So I was extremely proud of Bobby, who said “cracker” very plain from the beginning.  I thought I had a verbal genius!

As it turned out, Bobby’s problem with speech has proved to be even more problematic.  You see for some odd reason he calls every animal “duck.”  I have no idea why that is.  We have a dog.  Bobby points to her and says, “Duck.”  The hamster we are pet sitting, “Duck.”  The animals in the book he looks at during church same thing!!  The thing is…when he pronounces the word “duck” instead of a “d” sound it comes out pronounced with a “f” sound instead…

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