Did the kids miss Mama?

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most about my going to Peru was, “How did the kids do?”   I hired a nanny, my pastor’s daughter,  to take care of my kids during the day until my husband arrived home from work.

Our church family provided meals for Jason and the kids so things were pretty easy on them.  One of my girls wrote a thank you note for a meal that was provided.  It said, “Thank you so much for the food.  I didn’t think we would have any homemade food while mom was gone.”  Aw!  I loved that!

I think that for the most part the kids really enjoyed the time with me away.  They didn’t do all that much homeschooling so that was a big plus on their side!  In fact, back in the full swing of our school day the week after I got home, one of my children exclaimed, “I wish you were back in Peru!”

I see mama!

They were happy to see me when I came back home though and especially wanted to know if I had brought them anything!

The one that had the most difficult time was Bobby my one year old.  My husband said that starting about Wednesday he began screaming all the time.  He was super fussy and not much seemed to make him happy.  When I climbed into the van he looked at me in shock.  He just stared.

First Look at Mama

It really made me wonder what he was thinking.  Did he think I was never coming back?  I kissed his head and then just kept talking to him and trying to play our usual games.  Pretty soon he began to smile and play peek-a-boo.  The entire next day though he screamed most of the day.  I don’t know if something was bothering him or if he was just mad.  He didn’t start acting like himself until the evening on Sunday.  Poor little thing!



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    Aww, that is so cute! I think he was mad that you were gone. That shows you how it would affect him if you hadn’t come back. I am glad you are back and safe. I hadn’t been here awhile, and it must have been a long time, because you were pregnant then! Glad to see you had a healthy baby, boy!!!

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    He’s adorable! I can’t imagine leaving my kids for any amount of time. I’m a nutty attachment parent. I’d never be able to relax! I bet the mini vacation was freeing :) How brave. If only, I could be brave for more than a day or two with Grandma! LOL

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