Crazy Hair Night

Take one.

Take two.

Take three.

We had so much fun with crazy hair night!   It was a breeze to get ready thanks to Aunt Miriam.  We found these wigs in the bag of dress up clothes she gave us.  Aren’t they adorable?  Well, you didn’t have to ride in the van with them to church.  They were fired up I tell ya!



  1. bonny says

    cat whiskers? i just gave my daughter cat whiskers this morning about 3.5 seconds after I woke up. shes all about cats these days. cute cute hair! ( we did different colors on my son’s hair and wild ponytails on my daughter last year for awana crazy hair night)..

  2. says

    omg, soooooo cute!!!! how fun! i am going to get my kids to do that!:)
    maybe for movie night, they can do a skit too, or something….great idea!

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