Communication with Confidence

My mom Frieda had been without internet pretty much ever since she got home from visiting us when Bobby was born.  Previously, she had done a lot of editing for me and had written for my blog once in a while to.

I am somewhat self-conscious about my grammar, spelling, and punctuation, so I felt much more confident publishing my content after she had looked it over.  I had a great education and my mom, a former English teacher, always encouraged me to write correctly.  I’m afraid, however, that I didn’t pay very good attention all those years.  There was so much fun to be had–good clean fun of course!

Since Bobby was born, not only have I not had my mom to help me with editing, but life has been so tiring that I depleted my stash of stories I had written ahead and have found myself up each night (as I’m doing right now) around 11:00 to midnight cranking something out for the next day’s blog.  This last week her internet came back on and she told me she was going to get caught up on my blogs.  I cringed as I imagined all of the mistakes that she would find.

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to ask her how bad it was, “No, I was surprised how few mistakes I’ve found!”   Ha ha!  Actually I share her surprise.  What a relief!  I am so happy that she is back online and will be writing for us occasionally again.



  1. Frieda says

    No fair, Esther! But that’s okay. Yes, I said that, but I’m great at putting my foot in my mouth, and I immediately said I didn’t mean it that way. With your telling me you were cranking them out at midnight and all that, I might have expected you to make mistakes. And I make the same kinds of mistakes you do or worse. I see the kind of mistakes everywhere on people’s blogs that anyone makes when they write in a hurry. If someone gives you something to read critically with plenty of time, it is different. And now that all this has been said, all the picky people will see any mistake either of us make. I’ve told you you were a good writer ever since you were a kid. You have me to thank that you took English in college–you were going to test out and you could have, but I think you would have been sorry. After all, you ended up teaching English too. If I’m saying too much just delete me!

  2. Mari says

    Esther, I am SO PICKY about peoples’ lack of correct grammar and punctuation, etc… It just drives me insane.

    I don’t remember noticing ONE error on your part. So, you should be proud of yourself. It seems you’re a lot more competent than you give yourself credit for :-)

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