Checking out the Bass Pro Shop

Bass ProYou know, those things in your city that tourists come to see you’ve never actually been too?  Yeah, I’m trying to make it to all of those, but in the DFW area there are a lot of them!

Bass Pro ShopJoy’s Upward Basketball games are in Grapevine near lots of fun stuff so hopefully we will make time for some family activities like we did yesterday.

At Bass ProWe enjoyed strolling around and looking at all the animals and the waterfall.  I’m told they have fun activities for the kids like feeding the fish and fishing, but we were too late for that.  We’ll have to take them back another time.

Fun at Bass ProI really thought our little Bobby would be scared to death of all the animals, but he wasn’t at all.  I guess since they look real maybe?  He freaked out when he saw Mickey Mouse!



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