Bathroom Confusion

Jason and I are helping with the three-year-old Sunday School class on Sunday mornings.  At bathroom time I take the boys’ bathroom while a different group takes the girls’ bathroom and each class sends all the kids two by two into the bathroom.  It is my job to make sure that hands get washed and there is no messing around.  Well, this was my first time ever to set foot in a boys’ bathroom.  At first it did make me feel a little strange to be in there, but that’s the system, so I just go with it.  I was, however, a little concerned that some day, since I am used to taking the kids in there, I might just walk in that one by accident.  I was right.

Last Sunday I ran to the bathroom right before time to take my class and ran right smack into the boys’ bathroom!  Thankfully, I caught myself right away and ran back out!  In the girls’ bathroom I kept thinking, “I knew that would happen, I knew that would happen.”  Then as I was washing my hands, a man walked into the girls bathroom!  Ha ha!  I guess I’m not the only one!



  1. Mary says

    LOL, I have by mistake gone into the wrong restroom. The library that I frequent has many branches in different parts of the metro, the only problem is that the men’s & women’s are occassionally switched around in the arrangement of the building. So, since I am used to turning one direction I did so and walked into the men’s restroom. I quickly exited hoping there it was unoccupied.

  2. Glenda Cates says

    My sister and I where following each other to the restroom in Wal Mart one day to take my son and did not even know it until we where ready to walk out we ended up in the boys restroom.

  3. says

    LOL.. I’ve made that mistake before and it wasn’t at church. It was at the movie theatre once and another time it was at a restaurant…

  4. says

    What a funny story! I’ve been known to not pay attention and walk into the wrong bathroom! At least it wasn’t packed ful of men at urinals.. and then they all stare at you like you are an idiot. :)

  5. says

    When I was pregnant with my first I had to go so bad at Sam’s Club one day that I just ran into the bathroom. The sad part is that I didn’t even realize it until I was washing my hands and behind me through the mirror. Thank God no one came in! My face was red for hours afterward… ~Jessica

  6. says

    I remember being horrified the first time I went to the restroom in a co-ed bathroom. We were on a trip through Europe. I ran out to look at the sign (while the rest of my group giggled at me). I was so uncomfortable!

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