Another First Day of School 2011

My kids attend a one day a week school for homeschooled children.  This is not a co-op, but has a set tuition.  The classes are all hands on with very little to no homework required.  They get to play with the other kids in PE and put on two dramas or musicals for the parents, among other things.  Normally we begin homeschooling in September just before this school starts, but this year we began about a month sooner to give myself some extra leeway when the baby is born.  They were SO excited for “school” to begin!

This was Grace’s first day of Kindergarten.  She was actually very serious when I left her.  I think she was pretty worried.  Her teacher asked me if she is shy.  Well, she is at first, but one of these days that shyness is going to wear off!

Even Little Jason got his first taste of school.  He wasn’t too sure what to think, but had a great day!



  1. says

    I think that is pretty cool that you put them in a type of “regular” school one day a week. That’s the one thing I personally worry about homeschooling. (not that I’d have the discipline to do it) That the only interaction with other kids is their siblings or cousins and possibly church. Hope they had fun 😀

  2. says

    That’s great that you get a day off! Especially now so close to the end.

    And for those that worry about socialization, my friend’s children (who are homeschooled) are better socialized than other kids their age.

    Meaning: homeschooling allows her to give her the children SHE feels are important. Plus, her children didn’t learn all kinds of behavior and language that she finds unacceptable for her house.

    Homeschoolers have a chance to interact with people of all different ages and types – that gives them a better opportunity to really practice their social skills.

  3. bonny says

    i had a pediatrician tell me that as long as a child has siblings, they are socialized! :) and i really believe that between the sibling interaction, library storytime, and church 3 times a week, my kiddos are doing fine.. :)
    esther, i am really glad that you do get some time off to rest (haha) as the baby gets closer…. you DO rest, dont you? (lol) looks like the kiddos are having fun with school.

  4. Jill says

    There are pros and cons to all the types of schooling. Sometimes what is a pro, can then become a con and visa versa. Sometimes the cons can start to outweigh the pros. Socialization, isolationism, maladaptive kids are definitely things that the parents cannot ignore and must deal with in one way or another acording to what they think best for their family.

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