A Boy With Three Sisters

I guess it was inevitable. I watched my near two year old and only boy go get a necklace and put it on. Then he went and found a headband and fought with it until he had it just right on his head. Then perfectly satisfied he came and crawled in my lap.

The next day I painted the girls nails.  My little guy wanted his done too so badly that I finally gave in and did a clear with glitter one on his toes. When I finished he looked down intently and finally said, “Ewwww.” There is hope yet!

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  1. Heather says

    Does he have a girl name yet? My two sisters and I REnamed my first brother (and the only brother at the time) “Macy”.

  2. Ash Peaster says

    Thank goodness my little brother was never like this! He always hated girl things! If my sister or I tried to show him our dolls he would scream in terror! And if we tried to put head bands on him or necklaces or anything, he would promptly take them off and angrily throw them across the room! haha

  3. Peter M. says

    That is okay, Cavan did this a lot before but now he is progressing towards what “Daddy does”. The other day he cut himself right above the lip trying to shave. I told him when he gets older I will teach him how to shave.

  4. Frieda says

    My sister and I dressed our little brother up in our clothes when we were all little and thought out parents would think it was cute–they didn’t. But they just said they had two girls and were proud of their boy.

  5. mrsmarkdave says

    oh that’s funny. My two year old nephew walked around on Monday in one of his sister’s dresses all day and kept telling everyone he was a girl. Then he wanted to go outside to play in the snow and his mom wouldn’t let him until he put on boy clothes. He obliged and then told everyone that he was no longer a girl but a boy.
    He’s also been known to get his toe nails painted.

  6. says

    thats so adorable! bubsy had his first makeup session today with his sisters! hee hee, he LOVED IT! XXX GREAT to find you on blogfrog am now following here as keen to find out all other antics with your adorable kiddies. jane xx

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