25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things

1. Hello my name is Esther and I am a Coke addict. Coca-Cola that is.

2. When I was four years old, my dog bit me. I shook my little finger at him and told him that I would never play with him again, and I didn’t. My dad had to get rid of him.

3. At about that age I also liked to eat dirt. I have since been told that when a person craves dirt they are iron deficient, which was probably true of me at the time.

4. Some of my favorite childhood memories include going camping with my dad. We’d make breakfast. Ride horses all day. Then come back to camp and cook supper.
5. I also spent hours on my swing where I pretended I was a queen and owned all the pickles in the land. Who cares about gold or jewels when you can have pickles!

6. Once I found a half eaten pickle on the play ground and I dared my friends to eat it. We split it three ways. Yum!

7. I had friends in the “chola” gang in junior high. They protected me when a girl wanted to beat me up.

8. God used the movie “Footloose” to wake me up spiritually and I committed my life to God the summer after my eighth grade year.

9. I went to a boarding high school my freshman year. I cried myself to sleep every night for the first whole month, but didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want to worry them.

10. I still sleep with a big stuffed teddy bear.

11. I was “Lordship” when “Lordship” was uncool.  It’s possible a few of you might get this one!

12. I love to sing, but rarely listen to music.

13. Laughter is my best medicine. I love, love, love to laugh.

14. A daily goal of mine is to do or say something that’ll make Jason laugh. Then my day is complete.

15. I rarely get jokes. Something must be wrong with me. I want to laugh. I really do. I just don’t get it. In fact I told a joke for years because everyone laughed when I told it, but never really got it myself.

16. I hate house plants.

17. My favorite snack is potato chips with cayenne pepper and lime squeezed on them.

18. I am craft challenged.

19. I used to think homeschoolers were crazy. Now I know they are!

20. I don’t enjoy talking unless someone is REALLY listening. So if you think I’m a quiet person that probably says more about you than it does about me. :)

21. I would love to travel everywhere and maybe someday I’ll have that opportunity, but if I don’t I know that someday I’ll walk streets of gold…

22. Celebrations at my house growing up meant a big meal at Thanksgiving, a cake and your favoirte meal on birthdays, a big meal, tree and a present or two at Christmas. That’s it. I think maybe that’s the reason that I over do it, just a little!

23. My dad is my hero.

24. I think it’s so fun to hear people talking about me in Spanish when they don’t know I understand. The best is when they’re being rude and I wait till right before I walk away and say something in perfect Spanish. Priceless!

25. I said I’d never make a list like this.  I also said I’d never start a blog…



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    I love your 25 things about you..Nice to meet you shall i say. When I was young I ate dirt to I think it’s a thing most kids did especially if they played outside allot. I did one about me you should read it it’s on The Devotion Cafe’ I wish more people would do this by this way we can know a little more personal things about one another I mean we do visit each other site and we can get a feel of what they are by reading their blogs but something about us we don’t put in blogs. It just might be catchy you know?

  2. says

    Great list. Love the pickle. I once found a huge clam in the ocean, and cooked it over an open fire and ate it. Everyone thought it would make me sick. It didn’t, and it was rather tasty!

  3. says

    Ok. Two question: How did Flashdance wake you up spiritually and how did you come to be fluent in Spanish? If the answers are long maybe you could devote a couple of blog posts to them. Cheers!

  4. Mariana says

    i had been at my current job for 4 months when they realized i knew spanish.. one day i was speaking with a customer in spanish and when i hung up my co-worker said “maryanne (what everyone calls me at work) you know spanish????” i give her a look like she’s insane and say “yes” and she said “i thought you were white i was going to start talking about you in spanish”!!!!!!!! what!!!!!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness- what a fun list! I’m dying to know the joke from #15!! What was it?! Tell!!Tell!

    – The spanish? That is my total daydream- to jus wait till they say something about me, and then dazzle them! So glad someone gets to live out that fantasy of mine! haha!

    Thanks for doing Mom Loop FOllow- you gave me a great laugh this afternoon!

  6. says

    I am so glad you started a blog – your notes and posts are some of my all-time favorites to read!!! (even though I am horrid about commenting regularly, sorry). I love your list :)

  7. mrsmarkdave says

    Oh I LOVE this. My favorite was the dog. My husband’s fried died in Sept so we adopted his 20 year old dog ONLY because I knew she’d die soon. She didn’t die soon enough. She bit me EVERYDAY! After a week and 6 days we had to put her to sleep.

    Oh how I can relate to the jokes. I often don’t get them, either. I usually laugh anyway. Then when we walk away, I ask my husband to explain it to me.

  8. says

    #15 is pretty darn funny. And I do the same as Mari mentioned above….when I don’t get the joke, I ask my husband late, he explains in painful detail and I usually, say ‘Oh, okay.’ And then he says, ‘You still don’t get it, do you?’ Haha. Nope.

  9. says

    Thank you so much for linking to No Ordinary Blog Hop. I adore you! Thanks for the laugh, and I have to admit we have a lot in common. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to following your blog. {Glad you decided to blog anyway!}

  10. says

    Stopping by from No Ordinary Blog Hop. I love random posts! It gives us a quick, entertaining way to learn more about you! Look forward to reading more posts.


  11. says

    Hi Esther!
    “Meeting” you for the first time via our No Ordinary Blog Hop and I’m so glad to have found your great blog! I love this list and I chuckled especially at # 15 and #20! Love your sense of humor! I have read some of your other past posts and have not been able to stop reading! I read your story on your recent miscarriage with Baby #5 and I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing such a personal and difficult trial in your life.
    I look forward to reading future posts here and thanks for linking up to No Ordinary Blog Hop! I’m following you now :)
    God bless,
    Tracy at “A Slice of Smith Life”

  12. says

    Thanks for the 25 list idea! I’m off to post mine now. :) I was also curios as to how you learned to speak Spanish fluently? Blessings!~

  13. says

    Great list! #5 made me laugh. #20 made me think. I totally agree with #21 and know for sure that that will be the best trip ever. Thanks for encouraging me today. Many blessings, Esther!

  14. says

    I’m right with you on the pickles! I never ate on off the ground though, I don’t think. My whole family loved pickles, and friends just knew if they served pickles when we came over, they’d have to put out a whole jar!

    Oh, and please explain about the teddy bear? Um, your husbnad actually lets you keep a stuffed animal in bed with you guys? Or is the teddy bear your husband? =)

  15. says

    Liked this so much I went a made one of my own. My family loves pickles too. I have never eaten one off the ground but you have given me an idea to write the story of my brother eating a sugar cube off the ground… a green sugar cube.

    First time stopping by – not my last.

  16. says

    Great list!

    #1, #13, and #19 fit me perfectly. Except my name isn’t Esther! ;oP

    My fave Coke is fountain Coke at a specific local McD’s. They mix it the best!

    I generally *do* get jokes, even dry ones. That’s good, since I do love to laugh!

    We have an elderly friend (89), he is quiet and unassuming. At first, it seems like he doesn’t laugh much or have a sense of humor. But, he *does* have a sense of humor and I love to make him smile or giggle! If I ever get a gut-busting laugh out of him, I will be set for life. Haha!

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    I am new to the blogging world and have been finding some other blogs that I absolutely love, and, yes, your’s is one of them. I love this list! You are now in my ‘followed blogs’ on my site and I look forward to hearing more from you!

  18. says

    I love your blog! It is refreshing, funny and makes me smile! My oldest also speaks spanish quite well and laughs when others speaking it in public have no idea she knows what they are saying! I just might have to do 25 random things about me :)

  19. April says

    Things from your list that we have in common…
    1. I too am a Coca-cola addict!

    2. I am crazy about pickles!

    3. I was bullied as a child. (Thread on MckMama community)

    4. I love to sing too, but I am ALWAYS listening to music! I am a music teacher!!!

    5. I LOVE to laugh!

    6. I hate house plants or maybe they hate me…they always die!!!

    7. I love traveling! I’ve been to Mexico, Chile, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Czech Republic, South Korea.

    8. I also speak Spanish. My husband is from Chile and I have studied it beginning in 7th grade! Just this morning I translated for an hour at my school for a Spanish speaking family. Funny story…We went on vacation to Disney World in October with our 9 month old daughter and these two Spanish speaking women were criticizing me for bringing a baby to Disney World because she wouldn’t remember anything and they can’t do anything except eat, sleep, and cry. I was too far away from them to comment back in Spanish but I couldn’t believe they were just totally criticizing me and I secretly thought it was funny that I KNEW what they were saying!

  20. says

    I love this! What part of Footloose did God use to bring you to Him? I don’t remember much about the movie. And I love knowing there’s another blogger whose craft challenged. I thought I was the only one out here!

  21. says

    You just made me laugh! I love your blog. I especially love the part at the end where you said that you would never do this but then you stated that you said you would never blog either. Funny!
    I still sleep with my teddy bear too.

  22. says

    You’re the first UBP 12 Party post I’ve visited… aren’t you the early bird getting to the party first and hanging out in the kitchen with the hostess.

    I love it.

    That’s awesome about the Footloose movie. I watched that soooo many times.

  23. says

    Hello! What a great idea posting 25 things about you! I feel like instant friends! I agree about being a coca cola addict I just recently became one during my last pregnancy! I toast to you with a coke and hope you’ll stop by my blog and say hello! Happy UBP 12! Happy to meet you!

  24. says

    I love your 25 things! I can relate to so many of them! And your kids are super cute! :) Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing more of your posts!

  25. says

    I love your post and definitely will be visiting your page often. You made me laugh and I agree laughter is so important. Your children are such cuties. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

    Go UBP12!

  26. says

    Love your blog – have been there before! But that’s what parties are for, aren’t they – to meet people.

    Greetings from Germany

  27. says

    I love your kids matching out fits adorable! My mom always used to do that for us too:) We have similar food tastes love diet coke and love love pickles lol

  28. says

    Love the list! How old are your kids (if you don’t mind sharing. I have 3 boys and 1 girl (opposite of you)! I have a minor in Spanish, but am not comfortable enough to use it, but a while ago, I was shoe shopping and so was a mom and her son, they were speaking Spanish and the boy just kept saying that he didn’t like the shoes, they were ugly and I started laughing and didn’t notice they were speaking Spanish until the mom looked at me with a puzzled look!

  29. says

    I can attest to the fact that HSers are crazy and it is all good. :) Been doing it for 17 or so years. :) Swinging by on the UBP tour. Have fun!

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