Mom’s week out

Laugh With Us Blog ButtonI was so thankful to be able to make the trip home to be of some help to my family who are really going through tough times.  While I was away things…uh…didn’t always go as planned for my dear husband.  This was the longest we had ever been apart in our entire seventeen years of marriage.  We, well what can I say, we like to be together, so for us this was a big deal! 

For him things started to go down hill when he got up really early to take the kids to a friend who would be taking care of them for the day.  It was a long drive, and he had to get an early start to make it to work on time. 

On the drive there Joy didn’t feel well.  She pleaded for him to pull over because she felt like throwing up.  In downtown Dallas traffic my husband told her to come to the front of the van and roll down the window.  Well…the window wouldn’t go back up.  He dropped the kids off and went to work leaving my van window down. 

After work he went out to find the still there but the battery dead.  He had forgotten to turn the lights off, not being used to my van that doesn’t send out all the bells and whistles when the lights are left on like his car.  Poor guy.  He had someone jump the van and went on his way.  He and friends tried to get the van window up, but had no success.  By the time he got home that Friday night it was too late to take the van in to get fixed.  It would have to wait until (gasp) Monday!  Would you believe it rained all weekend long?  He tried to tape something over the window without much success.  My van was soaking wet!

And so Monday he went out to leave for work and…found the battery dead AGAIN.  Yep, again he forgot and left the lights on.  If that isn’t bad enough when he tried to jump start the van, he hooked up the cables wrong and…fried the thing!  Ha ha ha.  I know it’s horrible, but I could not help laughing.  He made a quick trip to the store to buy a new battery.  When he drove the van, nothing on the dash worked, not the speedometer, gas gauge…AIR CONDITIONER!  He tried to kill it! 

My wounded van spent about three days in the hospital for repairs.  Eleven hundred dollars later we have it running again and the window working.  Ouch!  Honey…don’t forget to shut off the lights.  ;)

When it rains it pours

LaughWithUsBlog photoOh my goodness, so much has been going on with my family, so much more than I will be able to tell you, but I’ll give you a taste.  My dad was in the hospital with a really bad bladder infection, we thought.  It turned out he was diagnosed with Urosepsis, meaning the infection had spread to the blood stream and was life threatening.  It was hard to be so far away, but my sister Sara lives across the street from my parents and my sister Miriam was there with Dad and Mom too.  They were in good hands. 

Then my mom’s knee began acting up making it very hard for her to walk and care for Dad.  My sister Sara found out at a doctor’s appointment that she had cysts that needed to be removed as soon as possible.  Miriam had spent over a week with my parents and needed to be back for work.  Dad would be coming home from the hospital with my Mom and sister, who would normally care for him, not doing well either. 

Friends and church family came together in a hurry to help me make arrangements for the kids.  I took Faith with me and headed south to see my family.  I am so thankful for everyone that has helped and prayed for our family.  I have spent just over a week with them. 

Dad has not improved as much as I would have liked in the time I have spent.  He is still very weak, is suffering from almost non-stop hiccups, and just plain feels horrible.  Mom found out she will need a partial knee replacement, but the doctor was able to give her some shots for the pain to get her through the next couple of weeks.  My sister Sara came out of surgery okay.  She had two large cysts removed.  The doctor said it wasn’t cancer, but borderline.  She will need further treatment. 

Sorry I neglected my usual blog posts, but as you can see I’ve been a little busy and preoccupied.  ;)  It’s been a blessing to be home at this time.  My dad though in lots of pain still found time to teach us from the Bible and even dictated a message over days that my mom posted on his blog Teaching Truth Today

With all that has been going on and wrong many have told us “When it rains it pours” and I have also thought of that often.  One night my mom said the same thing and then added, “But we also have showers of blessings!” and then she listed so many ways God has worked things out the last week. So true, there are always things to be thankful for!  Continued prayers for our family are much appreciated! 

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