My Best Kept Secret for Stress Relief

When I was single, stress was one of those things that happened on occasion when something exciting or bad happened.  As a married mother of five, stress is constant.  It’s just a matter of levels of stress now.  There is no question as to it being a constant companion! 

Stress Less!  #CGI was so excited to learn about RESCUE!  This photo from their website caught my attention, because it captures what my house is like on a regular basis, though I’m sure my children never thought of helmets!  Ha ha! 

My level of stress hit the ozone last week when we…up and bought a trip to Israel!  Yes, the country!  My husband is pretty spontaneous, I’ll give you that, but this was crazy even for him.  One day we pondered the idea, and the next day we bought the trip.  We have been talking about going for years.  Jason’s dad had registered with a church, but when we asked about it the trip was full.  So the other day we found out that there was space available, but it was past the deadline and a decision would have to be made right away.  My husband’s first response, that cracks me up, was, “But I haven’t learned Hebrew yet!” 

After a little more checking, we found out that due to cheap airfare the trip was significantly less expensive than at first thought.  Then as we were looking the plane tickets almost doubled in price.  What?  Upon closer look we saw that someone had purchased many of the seats that had been available that morning.  We were so bummed!  A few hours later the price plummeted again back in the range we were hoping to get them for and my husband bought them.  Just like that!

#StressLess2BmyBest Natural Stress Relief #CG #adI was so stressed out that I felt sick!  That night I took one of the RESCUE Pearls and within a few minutes began to feel calm again.  RESCUE products are natural and Homeopathic.  They were developed by a doctor and are gentle and safe.  They are non-habit forming and have no side effects. 

RESCUE Natural Stress Relief #StressLess2BmyBest #CGRESCUE products come in a variety of forms: RESCUE Pastilles, RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts, and RESCUE Pearls.  I have never been able to take products to help me sleep because whatever is in them gives me the jitters.  So I was excited to try the RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts.  They have a calming effect that does not leave me groggy, but helps me relax and go to sleep.  

Packing to #StressLess2BmyBest #CG We are so excited to get to go with Jason’s dad!  We are preparing for our trip.  My husband is busily learning Hebrew.  Insert smile here.  So far I’ve found the passports, downloaded some movies, and have my RESCUE products ready for a calm plane trip.  Now, I just need to make arrangements for the children….Ah!!!!  Time for a RESCUE Pearl! 

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios FloridaOn day three of my little boy being sick we thought for sure this time he would be fine, and we made it to Universal Studios Florida!  Poor little guy!  He hadn’t thrown up any more nor had he been running a fever, but he just curled up in the stroller and fell  asleep.  I went to guest services and told them of our predicament.  I asked if it would be possible to acquire a stroller as a wheelchair pass so that we wouldn’t have to get him in and out of the stroller at every attraction, but could just roll him in and let him rest.  They graciously gave us the pass.  This was awesome!  He could sleep when he felt like it, but when awake he could enjoy the shows and rides without having to get out and walk around.  He spent the day in the stroller and still was able to enjoy the park. 

Diagon Alley Universal Studios FloridaDiagon Alley is amazing.  While we as a family did not read the books, we did see the first two Harry Potter movies and walking in Diagon Alley is like jumping into the movie.  If you are Harry Potter fans, you will absolutely love it. 

Gringotts Bank Universal FloridaMy daughter Faith especially loves dragons, and was excited to see the dragon over Gringott’s Bank. 

Harry Potter and the Escape from GringottsHarry Potter and the Escape from Gringott’s is an amazing ride.  It is in the style of our beloved Spiderman Ride at Islands of Adventure

Wizarding World  of Harry Potter rideStanding in line for a ride has never been so picturesque! 

Harry Potter ride Universal FloridaThis thrill ride puts you right in the middle of the action as you navigate your way through the hazards of the Gringotts vaults finding Harry, Ron, and Hermione along the way!  It is spectacular! 

Despicable Me ride Universal Studios FloridaThere are so many amazing attractions at Universal Studios Florida, but I would be remiss not to mention Despicable Me Minion Mayhem 3D ride.  As tired as Little Jason was, he still remembers and talks about “the Minion ride”!  Fun, fun, fun! 

Disaster starring YOU Universal StudiosDisaster is in all of my kids top 3 favorite Universal Studio attractions.  Here you are taken through what it is like to make a movie, actually getting to be a part of it.  Joy volunteered her scary blood curdling scream and rocked the house.  At the end you are put on a train derailment and filmed as part of the movie.  The kids loved this! 

There were so many favorite rides here from Transformers, Men in Black, Shrek, E.T, Terminator and more.  We purchased “Buy 2 days get the 3rd day free” tickets and chose to use our 3rd day at Universal Studios.

The entire day was completely perfect…until the ride home however, when three-year-old Bobby proclaimed from the back of the van, “I throw up.  Yuck.”  Sure enough.  We were never so glad to be in that awesome condo with its own washer and dryer.  It was absolutely no trouble at all to take the car seat out and wash it.  Putting all the kids to bed that night, we wondered what the night and next day had in store for us, but surprisingly all the kids slept all night and Bobby woke up bouncing around and hungry.  He was completely fine! 

We then spent a wonderful day at Busch Gardens.  That night I once again woke up to a sick child.  This time the tummy bug hit Joy.  She was up all night and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere the next day.  It was our last Universal day and I stayed at the condo with Joy and Little Jason and sent Jason with the other three with fear and trembling.  With him by himself I was worried that he would lose them.  He can be so easily distracted!  Sure enough he lost the girls toward the end of the night, though it wasn’t exactly his fault.  He had called me to tell me he was coming back after this one last ride.  Ha.  The girls came out at the wrong place and couldn’t find him.  It took them over 15 minutes, but finally some nice lady directed them to their father.  Whew I was so glad it was Faith and Grace and not one of the little ones. 

And oh my, the trip home!  We stopped to see my niece in Florida and planned to get a hotel some time that evening.  The few hotels we tried didn’t work out so Jason decided he would drive all night, and he did!  We have never done such a thing before as he falls asleep at the wheel.  You can imagine how petrified I was all night, but he drank several Red Bulls and was wide awake.  We arrived home safe and sound at 5:30 in the morning! 

You know in spite of all that went wrong on this trip we had a wonderful time.  I remember it as a great vacation.  Probably more than any other vacation, we all got along and cooperated well with each other.  Great memories! 

So where are we off to next?  I’ve actually got some really exciting news…

Sick and on vacation

Our trip to Florida was quite eventful.  Of  course our trips always are, but still the things that happen never cease to amaze me.  First the crazy problem with our Busch Gardens tickets.  Then the most bizarre thing that happened at a gas station on the way to St. Pete Beach and then the night after going to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and sharing a drink all day…

Yep, I awoke in the middle of the night to the unmistakeable sound of someone throwing up.  I was up with my poor six-year-old Little Jason all night long and all night I thought about how we shared that Coke.  Kicked myself over and over I did!  But there it was. 

Besides the day we went to St. Pete Beach and unpacked at our condo in Orlando, we had one day that wasn’t planned with theme park tickets.  So this was the day.  The kids and Jason slept in, watched TV, explored the grounds, and went swimming while I took care of Little Jason. 

Pizza at the Cypress Pointe resort Orlando FLThat night Little Jason slept all night without throwing up so Jason and I both thought it was over, the one day tummy bug.  We ate breakfast and went to our next planned theme park, Sea World.  I shared with you about our wonderful day at Sea World in December, but here’s the rest of the story.  About an hour after we got there and just after a show Little Jason threw up again.  Poor little guy.  There wasn’t much in his tummy so thankfully it wasn’t very messy.  But here we were already in the park, my tickets were sponsored so I had to get good photos and send out media shares.  I had paid to park and purchased all day meal passes for everyone.  We wouldn’t be able to leave and come back another day.  So Little Jason curled up in the stroller and we pushed him around the park as he slept for most of the day.  I kept thinking that he would wake up and begin to feel better, but he just slept. 

Sick at Sea WorldThat night everyone slept all night.  So the next day we got up and went to Universal Studios…