Mount Roberts Tramway Juneau, Alaska

Mount Roberts TramwayJuneau, Alaska is the one port city that we had the most planned.  First thing in the morning we went whale watching.  Then we went went on a city tour of Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier.  By the time we arrived back at port from the city tour we only had a couple of hours until the all aboard.  The last thing on our list was the Mount Roberts Tramway.  A tram that takes you straight up into the mountain sounded pretty neat.  We walked in and purchased our tickets with no problem.  We found it was a few dollars cheaper that way.  The price is $33 per adult and the ticket is good for all day. 

View from Mount Roberts TramwayRiding in the tram is standing room only.  It was a pretty packed tram, but I managed to be by a window.  The view going up is amazing. 

View from inside Mount Roberts TramwayHere is the other side.  Jason kept talking about moving to Alaska the entire time were there.  I think the winters might cure him though! 

Mount Roberts Tramway viewing areaThey have a very nice visitor center with food and gift shop.  There is also free wifi.  So we were able to Facetime our kids and show them the beautiful view.  I think they were in the middle of eating candy though so the view was completely lost on them.  They did manage to say, “Hello.” 

Mount Roberts trails Juneau AlaskaThere are beautiful trails!  We went on a short hike around the loop and to Father Brown’s cross.  Jason was DYING to go on the tree mile hike to the peak, but we didn’t have time.  He found out we could have hiked up rather than pay the fee to ride the tram and he was really kicking himself!  Again time was a factor. 

Father Browns Cross Mount RobertsHere is the view just above Father Brown’s Cross.  I just loved the rays of sun coming through the clouds. 

View from Mount RobertsWe ended up on the mountain with Chipper who had done the Magic/Comedy show on the cruise.  I even took a photo of him and the lady he was with for him.  I didn’t want to be cheesy and take a photo with my own camera but then I saw a marmot and we pointed it out to Chipper. 

Mormot moment with ChipperThen I couldn’t resist a quick shot.  I had to remember our marmot moment.  Ha  ha. 

Marmot in AlaskaWe actually got pretty close to him!  It’s pretty funny to see a bunch of tourists in Alaska looking for wildlife! 

Baby porcupine in AlaskaThere was also a baby porcupine alongside one of the trails.  I thought that was pretty neat! 

Tree art Mount Roberts Juneau AlaskaJason especially enjoyed some of the tree art!  Really everything is absolutely gorgeous.  We could have spent all day just on Mount Roberts.  There was a nature center that we didn’t even go in for lack of time.  I couldn’t believe I missed seeing the bald eagle there. 

Going down Mount Roberts TramwayBut it was getting late, and we were very hungry as we had missed lunch except for the snack that was served on the whale watching tour.  So we called it a day and boarded our ship.  We had a blast in Juneau! 

Juneau City & Mendenhall Glacier Excursion #AlaskaTravel

Welcome to Juneau Alaska

As soon as we arrived back at port from our whale watching excursion we went straight to the meeting point for our Juneau City & Mendenhall Glacier Excursion.  We also purchased this excursion through Port Promotions as a package deal with other city tours.  It ended up costing us about $50 each for the two and a half hour tour.  Alaska Governor's MansionI snapped this shot of the Alaska governor’s mansion as we drove by.  Our driver had some interesting history and facts about the area. 

Water Stream in Juneau AlaskaWe stopped at a stream.  We could see a few salmon, but were told that in season that salmon run is spectacular.  Then we drove to the Mendenhall Glacier at Tongass National Forest. 

Mendenhall Glacier AlaskaOh my goodness.  The view is breathtaking.  I was unprepared for the beauty of a glacier.  I mean, it’s just ice right?  No!  Not JUST ice.  Wow.  I can’t even describe to you the beauty.  The photos don’t do it justice.  It is full of streaks of blue and green, just beautiful. 

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls trailNow if I had to do this over again I would not do the tour.  For $10 each way or $20 total per person you can take a bus from the port to the Mendenhall Glacier.  That would save you $30 per person and give you as much time as you want to look around.  We only had one hour.  The hike down to the waterfall was two miles so at a brisk walk we just barely had time to go down and back before meeting our bus.  I would have loved to have spent another hour or two here. 

Mendenhall glacier areaThis is the opposite side of the glacier and waterfall.  So pretty!

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget FallsAlmost there!  I couldn’t believe we would be able to walk right out in the middle on what looked like a sand bar but was mostly rocks. 

At the bottom of Nuggat Falls AlaskaSo amazing to be able to stand right at the bottom of a powerful waterfall!  Jason was getting sprayed pretty good! 

The Mendenhall GlacierThis was the closest we got to a glacier.  Popular excursions took people on helicopter rides on top of a glacier.  That would be pretty neat, but Jason and I were leery of taking any small plane or helicopter rides anyway, but the prices made sure to keep us away.  I won’t say never though.  ;)

Mendenhall GlacierIt was super windy down there close the the waterfall.  I’m not posing, just trying to keep the hair out of my face.  After getting our photos we hiked back up.  We were told bears can often be seen around the forest, but we didn’t see any. 

Juneau Alaska portOn the way back to port we drove by lakes and beautiful scenery.  Then our tour guide took us to a lookout were we could get a neat view across the water of our ship. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this excursion, but would recommend doing it on your own instead.  Save the money and spend the time where you want to! 

Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway #ChosenByKids

Thanks to  Sverve for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Little People City Skyway #ad #chosenbykidsRecently I told you about Holiday Toyland at Walmart.  Well, I got to go and look what a fun toy for Bobby I brought home– The Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway!  Little People City Skywalk at Walmart #adThere were lots of great toys!  I saw a couple that I’m keeping in mind for my girls like the Fur Real Pet, but I came home with the Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway for Bobby. 

Little People Skyway assembly #ad #chosenbykidsJoy is my builder!  Sometimes I think she gets more excited about putting a toy together for one of the little ones than actually receiving something herself.  She was thrilled to help me put this together. 

Little People Skyway #ad #chosenbykids assemblyI thought I had Bobby safely in bed so that we could surprise him with it when he got up, but he must have heard us because he came down stairs saying, “You build it, Mommy?  You build it?”  You will need a screw driver to put this together.  Joy and I worked for between 40 and 45 minutes.  She found the pieces and told me where they went, and I screwed it together.  It went really fast.  When we were through I was actually surprised that it was over 40 minutes.  The instructions are very simple and descriptive.  We didn’t run into any problems. 


 And then we let him at it!  He had so much fun!  I had to share a video with you as just the still photos do not do it or him justice.  The car goes down a different path every time.  It’s a surprise!  Or you can flip different switches to make cars change paths.  For some reason the orange path with a bit of a drop he doomed as the failed route because he would be annoyed every time it went down that one–cracked me up!  

#chosenbykids #ad Little People City SkywayAt over 3 feet tall, this play set ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun!  Bobby is about the same size.  He loves his “big” toy! 
Bobby is enjoying hours of non-stop action! The creative play is revved up even more with a realistic crane, stop sign, gas pump and parking meter.  Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway is designed for 18 months – 5 yrs.

Want to check out some of the #ChosenByKids selection yourself?  You’re in luck!  Walmart us hosting several more events for the coming Saturdays!  To find out more, click HERE.