Chili Rice Recipe

Thanks to Wolf® Brand Chili for sponsoring this post about one of our family favorite quick meals.  Like bold Texas flavor?  Dig in! 

Chili Rice with #BoldWolfChili #adI love Texas, and I love Texas chili.  Believe me I’ve traveled, and there is a difference!  That’s why I keep Wolf® Brand Chili stocked in my pantry.  Wolf® Brand Chili is a real, authentic Texas chili expert because unlike other brands, they started in Texas and they only make chili.  Besides opening a can and digging in, the three ways we enjoy Wolf® Brand Chili the most is Chili dogs, on baked potatoes and Chili Rice. 

I first had Chili Rice at our weekly church potluck.  My friend RaShell makes it, and I don’t think she ever takes any of it home.  My children raved about it too, so I had to make it at home.  When I asked her the ingredients, I wasn’t surprised to hear it was made with Wolf® Brand Chili.  This has since become a regular meal at our house.  Here is how I make it. 

3 ingredient Chili RiceThere are just three main ingredients: Wolf® Brand Chili, rice, and cheese.  That’s what I’m talking about!!!  So easy! 

Begin Chili Rice with cooked riceI make rice in a rice cooker, but it works just as great on the stove.  Cook 1 1/2 cups of raw rice with 3 cups of water and 1 teaspoon salt according to rice cooker directions or on the stove bring to a boil and then simmer 20 minutes. 

Wolf Brand Chili and Rice #ad #BloldWolfChiliAdd one 15 ounce can of Wolf® Brand Chili. Stir and cover.  Heat on low about five minute until hot. 

Chili Rice #ad #BoldWolfChiliStir in 1 1/2 cups of cheese.  We used sharp cheddar, but we are not too picky in the cheese department.  Colby-jack or Mexican blends are also favorites. 

Qucik and delicious Chili Rice #ad #BoldWolfChiliAnd then you’re done!  Dinner in under 30 minutes?  Why yes!  My kids get so excited when we are having #BoldWolfChili Rice.

#BoldWolfChili Rice #adNow it is perfect plain, but come on, jalapenos make everything better!  Even some of my children load up on jalapenos. 

Chili Rice made with #BoldWolfChili #adWhether you’re looking for a great potluck dish or just a quick, but bold hearty meal, you can’t go wrong with Chili Rice in 30 minutes! 

Enjoy Chili Rice with #BoldWolfChili #adWho’s ready for some right now? 

As Texas’ #1 chili, Wolf® Brand Chili is embarking on a mission to uncover what is bold and flavorful throughout the great state of Texas. Share your bold and flavorful recipes and images with Wolf® Brand Chili on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wolf® Brand Chili.

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Chili Rice
A yummy, bold, 30 minute family meal
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
25 min
Total Time
30 min
1793 calories
248 g
178 g
58 g
64 g
36 g
734 g
4248 g
10 g
0 g
18 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1793
Calories from Fat 510
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 58g
Saturated Fat 36g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 16g
Cholesterol 178mg
Sodium 4248mg
Total Carbohydrates 248g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 10g
Protein 64g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 1 (15 oz) can Wolf® Brand Chili.
  2. 1 1/2 cups raw rice
  3. 1 1/2 cups shredded cheese
  1. Cook rice according to package directions. Add Wolf® Brand Chili and heat an additional 5 minutes until hot. Stir in cheese.
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Celebrity Premium Non-Alcoholic Drink Package

Our one huge splurge on our Celebrity cruise to Alaska was the Premium Non-Alcoholic Drink Package.  We looked at it and debated whether we should get it endlessly.  We searched reviews and pros and cons.  It was $20 per person, per day which sounded like an exorbitant amount.  Finally, Jason said he would get it for me for my anniversary present.  Still we didn’t actually buy it.  The more I thought about it, if Jason didn’t also have the package it wasn’t going to be that fun for me to just drink all the yummy concoctions in front of him.  AND I knew that if he had it too, he would be sure to get his money’s worth and we would have fun trying everything.  So in the end we kind of closed our eyes and pushed the button to buy both of us the package.  I’m so glad we did! 

Five drinksJason had already ordered five different drinks before the ship even left port on the first day.  :)

We go out to eat quite a lot for a family of seven.  It’s something we all enjoy doing together.  In order to be able to do that we make great use of any coupons, discounts, and kids eat free days that we can find.  In addition to that we share meals and don’t buy drinks.  On average we pay about $15 to take our family to a fast food place and $25 for a sit down restaurant.  For me to get a drink with a meal is a huge deal.  It might happen on…an anniversary dinner if my husband is feeling particularly generous.  Ha ha!  So you can see that buying the drink package and ordering whatever I wanted to drink the entire time was a huge deal for me, and we had so much fun doing it. 

The Premium Non-Alcoholic Drink Package includes pretty much anything on board that is Non-Alcoholic.  The only exceptions I can remember is the drinks in the stateroom fridge and the gift shop were not included.  Other than that if it was liquid and didn’t contain alcohol we could have it-anytime! 

The first thing I ordered right when I stepped on board was…a Coke of course.  Ha ha!  Once that was gone and I was happy, because Coke makes me happy, we ordered a recommended virgin Peach Sangria.  Jason and I were living it up! 

Virgin Peach Sangria Celebrity Cruise

We tried lots of different things the first two or three days, but then we settled on a few favorites that we ordered each day.  Fresh squeezed orange juice with breakfast.  Yum!

Fresh squeezed orange juice Celebrity cruise

Our favorite hang out when we didn’t have anything else going on was the Cafe al Bacio!  We tried lots of coffees but our favorites were the frozen Igloos.  Jason opted for the mocha and I the vanilla.  We had two or three each everyday!  I loved that I could order them decaf.  I am highly sensitive to the caffeine in coffee and was so relieved I could have all the coffee I wanted. 

Mocha Igloo Celebrity cruise

Our other favorite was the Virgin Mojito or Mint Lemonade.  I had never had a lemonade with mint in it.  I’ve of course heard of mojitos, but didn’t know what it was and had certainly never tried it.  We LOVED the Sparkling Mint Lemonades.  We sometimes ordered three just with our supper.  Toward the end they wouldn’t even need to ask, they would just keep bringing us the mint lemonades! 

Celebrity cruise Mint mojito

I was skeptical about spending that much money on drinks, but for us it was completely worth it.  The drink package added so much to the fun we had on the ship each day as we were always thinking about what we would order next.  Should Jason and I go on a cruise again without the kids we would buy the Premium Non-Alcoholic Drink Package again!  We highly recommend it! 


Mount Roberts Tramway Juneau, Alaska

Mount Roberts TramwayJuneau, Alaska is the one port city that we had the most planned.  First thing in the morning we went whale watching.  Then we went went on a city tour of Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier.  By the time we arrived back at port from the city tour we only had a couple of hours until the all aboard.  The last thing on our list was the Mount Roberts Tramway.  A tram that takes you straight up into the mountain sounded pretty neat.  We walked in and purchased our tickets with no problem.  We found it was a few dollars cheaper that way.  The price is $33 per adult and the ticket is good for all day. 

View from Mount Roberts TramwayRiding in the tram is standing room only.  It was a pretty packed tram, but I managed to be by a window.  The view going up is amazing. 

View from inside Mount Roberts TramwayHere is the other side.  Jason kept talking about moving to Alaska the entire time were there.  I think the winters might cure him though! 

Mount Roberts Tramway viewing areaThey have a very nice visitor center with food and gift shop.  There is also free wifi.  So we were able to Facetime our kids and show them the beautiful view.  I think they were in the middle of eating candy though so the view was completely lost on them.  They did manage to say, “Hello.” 

Mount Roberts trails Juneau AlaskaThere are beautiful trails!  We went on a short hike around the loop and to Father Brown’s cross.  Jason was DYING to go on the tree mile hike to the peak, but we didn’t have time.  He found out we could have hiked up rather than pay the fee to ride the tram and he was really kicking himself!  Again time was a factor. 

Father Browns Cross Mount RobertsHere is the view just above Father Brown’s Cross.  I just loved the rays of sun coming through the clouds. 

View from Mount RobertsWe ended up on the mountain with Chipper who had done the Magic/Comedy show on the cruise.  I even took a photo of him and the lady he was with for him.  I didn’t want to be cheesy and take a photo with my own camera but then I saw a marmot and we pointed it out to Chipper. 

Mormot moment with ChipperThen I couldn’t resist a quick shot.  I had to remember our marmot moment.  Ha  ha. 

Marmot in AlaskaWe actually got pretty close to him!  It’s pretty funny to see a bunch of tourists in Alaska looking for wildlife! 

Baby porcupine in AlaskaThere was also a baby porcupine alongside one of the trails.  I thought that was pretty neat! 

Tree art Mount Roberts Juneau AlaskaJason especially enjoyed some of the tree art!  Really everything is absolutely gorgeous.  We could have spent all day just on Mount Roberts.  There was a nature center that we didn’t even go in for lack of time.  I couldn’t believe I missed seeing the bald eagle there. 

Going down Mount Roberts TramwayBut it was getting late, and we were very hungry as we had missed lunch except for the snack that was served on the whale watching tour.  So we called it a day and boarded our ship.  We had a blast in Juneau!