Catholic Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth

Church of the Annunciation Nazereth

After a long flight, adventurous tour bus ride, arriving at our Kibbutz Haon Guest house, sampling amazing Israeli food, and a good night’s sleep, we set out on our first day of touring.  How exciting to step out onto the streets of modern day Nazareth!  Our first stop was the Church of the Annunciation.  According… [continue reading]

What does the future hold?

#Sanewich #ad Oscar Mayer

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oscar Mayer.  All opinions are my own.  I would be receiving a card from Oscar Mayer foretelling my future.  I was on pins and needles.  What great things would my future hold?  And then it arrived.  Laundry.  Lots of it.  Oh yeah, that figures. … [continue reading]

If you give a child a balloon…

If you give a child a balloon... #humor #parenting

I hate balloons.  I hate, I HATE balloons.  If you give a child a balloon he might smile…for a minute.  I mean, if it’s a full minute that’s amazing, because usually within a few seconds something goes REALLY wrong.  The siblings.  Rarely are there balloons to go around for all the children so usually one… [continue reading]

Kibbutz Haon Dining

Cheese and fish bar breakfast Kibbutz Haon #IsramIsreal

Our fist meal in Israel was at the Kibbutz Haon Dining room where we would be eating breakfast and supper each of the three days we were there.  You know how I love food and especially trying different ethnic foods!  I could not wait to EAT in Israel!  The beautiful fresh breads were the first… [continue reading]

Pepper Jack Fondue

Spicy Pepper Jack Fondue Recipe

Our New Year’s Day tradition is to have a fondue party.  I tend to go back and forth between a traditional Swiss Fondue and a Cheddar Fondue, but my second daughter Joy had been asking me for a full year if we could have a Pepper Jack Fondue.  Pepper Jack is hands down her favorite… [continue reading]

Give moms a break!

Give Moms a Break today!

“You will not believe what your child did this time!” came the shrill, exasperated voice of my daughter’s child care worker at a church where I attended a ladies Bible study.  I endured similar comments every time I picked her up.  I so dreaded picking my daughter up that finally I quit going to the… [continue reading]

Conquer Bedwetting!


“Mom! I had an accident!” how common those words were and not just at bed time.  Poor kid!  You don’t expect your fully potty trained child to have so many accidents though it is more common than you think!  With a family history of enuresis, it was something I was prepared for.  Having heard some… [continue reading]