When something went missing from my stateroom on Celebrity Millennium

Click here to read how I acquired my awesome Ascend rain jacket.  The conclusion of my story is below. 

We didn’t see whales that morning, though other cruisers said they had.  Still we had fun setting out on our Alaskan adventure.  When we got too cold, we headed inside for breakfast and still kept a lookout for whales from the awesome views in the Oceanview cafe.  We did see some types of sea life here and there though we weren’t too sure what we were looking at. 

It was our first full day on the cruise ship and it was a sea day, meaning there were no port stops.  Jason and I had a great time running from here to there, looking at the scenery, eating, making friends, and going to some of the ship’s entertainment. 

That night we arrived to our room to call it a night and I found that I couldn’t get into my safe.  I found it really strange.  I had used it several times with no problem, but that night I couldn’t open it.  It was late so I went to bed, but I worried about it all night.  In the morning I wanted to call guest services first thing, but I wanted to be dressed first of course.  This was the morning of our first stop at Ketchikan, Alaska and the report on the TV said it was raining.  I got dressed and went for my awesome, brand new, Ascend rain jacket.  It wasn’t there.  I looked all over.  It wasn’t anywhere. 

I called guest services who sent security to open my safe for me.  Meanwhile I talked to our room steward about my jacket.  It was white so I thought maybe it went out when the sheets were changed or with towels.  The sheets hadn’t been changed, however, our room steward said he would ask at the laundry.  Meanwhile he went through all of my things, with my permission, to make sure it wasn’t still in the room somewhere-no jacket. 

Security came and opened my safe and thankfully everything was still there.  I found it highly suspicious that the jacket was missing at the same time that I couldn’t get into my safe.  My theory is that whoever took my jacket also tried to get into my safe and failed. 

Over the next four days we dealt with the missing jacket.  The head of housekeeping was the next person who came and went through all of my things–no jacket.

We met with security who told us they would review the video footage of our hallway to see if anyone had entered our room that shouldn’t have been there.  The next day security came back to our room to search our room and all of our things themselves.  When they reviewed the video footage, they hadn’t seen anyone except the room stewards go in and out of our room.  They didn’t find my jacket either. 

The next step, they told me, was to search the room stewards’ staterooms.  I never wanted to be suspicious of the room stewards as they were really nice and had 24 hour access to our room.  What I know is that my jacket was there and then it was gone.  If security told the truth about reviewing the video footage, then it had to have been one of the room stewards.  But Jason and I rolled our eyes as by the time their rooms were to be searched it was about four days later.  Surely, if they did take it, it wouldn’t still be sitting around their room.  In fact Jason saw one of our room stewards walking around port in Ketchikan that first morning it was missing.

And that’s the last I heard from anyone about my jacket.  There was never any more follow up.  There was no compensation. 

Alaska in our rain jacketsI can’t help but think as I have looked back through all the photos how much better the photos would have looked with me in my snazzy white and gray rain jacket rather than in that cheap, ill fitting blue one.  That is what I wore all over Alaska.  At least I left my fanny pack at home.  ;)

I hope this never happens to you as it did put a damper on our trip.  But if it does, you will have some idea of what to expect.  To help prevent this, my advice would be to keep all of your belongings zipped up in your suitcases when you are not in the room.  We usually do this anyway, because when traveling with five kids we need the space.  But on this rare occasion I thought I wouldn’t have to be so neat and careful, and I regret it! 

Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset™!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VTech.  All opinions are my own. 

Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset™! #adMy kids have looked longingly at the VTech Go! Go! Smart Playsets™.  Bobby was so excited to get to have one.  “A present, Mommy?”  Actually, all five kids get excited when a new toy enters the house.  It doesn’t matter if it is for them or their age! 

Putting together Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset™ #adWhen you first open your playset it is in pieces, so plan on some time to put it together.  Joy, age 10, who absolutely loves building things and putting them together worked with me, and we had it completely built in about 45 minutes.  Joy had a blast putting it together.  If you have a builder in the house make sure and enlist them.  It’s like two gifts in one!  One for the older child to put together and one for the younger child to play with. 

Playing with Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset™! #adTada!  We decided to put it together just like the sample on the box the first time, but I love that you can take it apart and build it different ways. 

The Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Zoo Explorers Playset™ is so neat.  Children go on a tour of the zoo with the SmartPoint™ rhino as he responds to the zoo’s seven SmartPoint locations with different phrases, music and fun sounds.  Children can strengthen their motor skills with eight manipulative features including a turning gate, spinning water tank and sliding elevator.  The colorful tracks can be reconfigured or connected to other Go! Go! Smart Animals or Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (each sold separately) to encourage children’s creativity.  The zoo also features an electronic entrance that teaches animal names, animal traits, letters, colors and plays music.  It is so much fun!

 It is so funny to me how I just can’t keep the older ones away.  They insist they are “helping” the younger ones, but really they just love playing too! 

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A rain jacket for our Alaskan trip

My husband is very last minute.  It used to drive me crazy, but now I usually just laugh.  About three days before we were to leave for our Alaskan cruise, he kicked into high gear with research and planning.  “Did you know it’s supposed to be raining most of the time we’re in Alaska?  We need rain jackets!”  And so a couple days before our trip we made a break neck trip to BassPro.  Wow there are a huge variety of rain jackets!  I figured they would all keep us dry so I kept pushing for the more economical jackets, but we tried on lots.  Jason finally decided on a $30 jacket actually liking it better than some of the more expensive ones. 

When it was my turn I settled on a similar priced jacket and was carrying it around the store as I looked at the rest of the options.  Jason encouraged me to go ahead and try on the more expensive ones even though I resisted.  At his insistence I grabbed the jacket I had been eying that I liked ever better than the ones from more expensive brands. 

Ascend rain jacketI put it on and Jason said, “You HAVE to get it!” 

“Really?  Does it look that much better than this other one?”

“About a hundred times better.  Get it!” 

Now my husband is usually all for going the economical route so I was so incredibly touched that he wanted to buy me such a nice jacket especially since he opted for a much less expensive one for himself.  I was so proud of it, not just because it was an awesome jacket, but because my husband bought it for me. 

The next day Jason decided to run back to the store in search  of rain pants…just in case.  The best deal he could find on rain pants came in a package with a matching jacket for $15.  They just came in one size, and he purchased one for each of us.  He was going to hike if it was pouring rain! 

At the show our first evening of the cruise they announced that the next morning at about (gasp) 6:00 am would be the best opportunity to see whales from our cruise ship.  We set the alarm and got up dreadfully early to “go see whales.”  As we were getting ready, I picked up my rain jacket in one hand and my black mock leather jacket in the other.  “Is it raining?” I asked my husband who replied that it wasn’t.  I laid my rain jacket down on the chair by my duffel bag and wore the black jacket instead.  It was the last time I saw my awesome Ascend white and gray rain jacket that my husband had so lovingly bought me. 

To be continued…