Easy to make snacks for kids

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#AfterSchoolSnacks with Delimex and Bagel Bites #shop

I am really enjoying the summer with the kids!  While we are still studying around here our schedule is much less rigorous with lots of extra fun added whenever possible even when it comes to snack food! 

Delimex and Bagel Bites at Walmart #shopBagel Bites and Delimex Taquitos are staples around here.  I love to have them on hand for a quick #AfterSchoolSnack or hey, we even take Taquitos to our weekly church potluck on a regular basis.  They are always a hit!  I found Bagel Bites and Delimex in the freezer section at Walmart. 

Daddy has been doing great at his new job, but every once in a while work keeps him much later than we like.  For those late supper days, I try to have a hearty snack time to hold the kids over.  Since it is summer, and we are all about FUN, my daughter decided to make fruit animals to go with our snack time. 

make animals from fruitWe love to have fun with our food and Faith is extra creative.  She looked online for animal ideas, and then decided to try them herself. 

making fruit animals #afterschoolsnacks #shopWe assembled some things we thought would help her craft her animals.  She used mini chocolate chips for eyes and vanilla frosting and Nutella for “glue”.  The almond slices worked as ears, and we cut up sour tape candy for tails.  

Fruit Animal Snacks #After SchoolSnacks #shopAnd this is what she came up with.  A snake, catterpillars, and mice–aren’t they cute? 

Animal Fruit Snack platter #shop #cbiasIt took Faith about a half hour to craft the animals. 

#AfterSchoolSnacks with Delimex #shopWhile Faith was making her fruit animals, I popped the Bagel Bites and Delimex Taquitos in the oven.  Bagel Bites are made with real cheese and homemade sauce with 0g trans fat.  I think we have tried every variety of Delimex Taquitos and we like them all.  The Chicken and the Three Cheese tend to be the ones we purchase most. 

Snack Time #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbiasAnd then it was time to dig in!  The kids were all so excited.  Their favorite snacks helped tide them over and pass the time until Daddy made it home! 

Are you ready for the kids to head back to school?  What are some of your favorite snacks to keep on hand? 

Our day at Six Flags

in line at Six FlagsI’m laughing at myself and my trip to Six Flags over Texas.  You see we only live a few miles away.  Traditionally we have taken the family once a year making great use of Six Flags’ awesome Read to Succeed program.  Using the free tickets we only need to purchase one or two additional tickets, making the trip very affordable.  We try to go when we think it will be the least bit crowded and since we have plans already for all of my husband’s vacation days he told me to go ahead and go without him. 

Not really wanting to take all five kids by myself I was thrilled when my friend Paula said she would go with me.  We made plans to meet at the park when it opened.  No problem, I’m only a few minutes away.  I spoke, “Six Flags” into my GPS and headed out…forgetting the tickets.  Tickets in hand we were on our way again. 

Losing the children is what was on my mind.  The whole way I talked to them about how we were going to behave and what to do if something went wrong.  Joy said, “Mom, we past Six Flags!” but I didn’t hear her I was so engrossed in my safety lecture.  Sure enough when I followed my GPS to the end point we were somewhere in South Arlington with no Six Flags in sight.  I was so mad at myself for making my friend wait as she had to drive over an hour to get there.

It has been such a mild Texas summer.  I mean I don’t remember the last time we had 80 degree weather in June and July.  Every one of those days I’d tell myself I should be at Six Flags.  The day we went?  102.  Go figure.  I was pouring sweat by the time I met up with my friend and the day had just begun. 

It was about that time that I started smelling something…it was ME.  I am obsessive about deodorant so it wasn’t that, but I instantly knew what the problem was.  The smell is unmistakable.  You know when you forget to switch the laundry from the washing machine to the drier for…a whole day and you think, “Oh well, it’ll be okay,” because you don’t want to waste money rewashing the load?  NOT OKAY!  I stunk the whole day in the sweltering heat.  Ha ha.  Six Flags over Texas scary rideI’m not sure who was more scared, my son or the horse!  It was so fun to watch Bobby all day.  He’s been on rides before, but this is the first time that he’s really remembering them.  You know?  He was scared every time we got on something new, but he wanted to go.  I took him on the boat ride that rocks back and forth.  He wouldn’t ride that one again, but asked to rid the Tea Cups again! 

Waiting at the Vibora Six FlagsIt was great to go with friends.  All of the waiting in lines and for riders was so much more fun with friends to chat with. 

The heat wore us all out.  I might have stayed longer, but everyone was completely done in at five o’clock so we went home and crashed.  Now that the children are older, I’m thinking about season tickets for next year.  Maybe then I’ll be able to drive six miles without getting lost.  Ha! 

Join me for the #Ready4Preschool Twitter Party!

RSVP for the #Ready4Preschool Twitter Party!

CB-Twitter-Party-Post-Disclosure-June2014-TM2-450x24_Ready4Preschool-Twitter-Party-7-30Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You know I do, and I am totally excited to host a party about how to help your child prepare for preschool with Disney Junior Back to School Products!  On July 30th at 1:00 PM EST, please join me for the #Ready4Preschool Twitter Party where we’ll be talking about how your favorite Disney Junior characters can help with your child’s preschool learning and giving you a chance to win prizes.  

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Ready to learn more? Join me for the #Ready4Preschool Twitter Party where we will discuss how to creatively educate our preschoolers with a little help from favorite Disney Junior Characters.

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